Thursday, April 30, 2009

In The Darkness

Open, open I ordered my eyelids – they felt open but they couldn’t be. Blackness filled my brain, no matter how I tried not a sliver of light was in front of me, behind me, beside me or under me. I was afraid – not of the boogeyman, but of taking a simple step. What if I step into a hole, what if I stepped and the floor was soft? ‘What if’ filled my head, what if I was blind? I called out and no one answered, not even an echo of my voice.

I pushed a foot forward and placing it gingerly in front of me slowly added my weight. I could feel solid ground beneath me, another step slow and methodical, then another. I had my arms extended in front of me but did not touch anything, not even the air moved around me. I turned to the left, then again to the left, and again – no longer knowing which direction I came from or where I originally started my breathing became faster and more erratic. Fear was beginning to create chills, how did I get here, how would I get out, where was here? So many questions and no answers, not even the breath of another person, until…

Suddenly, as my other senses began to take over I inhaled and smelled a faint smell of Old Spice, a scent from my imagination. Through the darkness, a soft hand faintly glided down the center of my back, not so soft that it tickled, but soft enough that I know it meant me no harm. Still straining my eyes, I can see no one. Moving my arms back out to my side in the direction I thought the body the hands belonged to would be, there was nothing. I spoke softly, “Hello? Who’s there?” There was no answer, but the hand was still present. I could feel the individual fingers along my spine, stroking upwards to the base of my neck, and then slowly downwards to the base of my spine, then just as softly repeating the strokes again.

The warm breath reached my face. I can feel the vibrations in my newly sensitive ears, a familiar voice, “I’ve been waiting here night after night, waiting in the cold darkness for you. I didn’t know until just now that I was supposed to be waiting for you,” he said. “In fear, I’ve gone in all directions and could only see darkness, totally blind, and then suddenly I felt you here with me.” I know this voice; I’ve heard this voice before, this voice from my dreams.

Not saying a word I turned and put my outward hand back at my side; I leaned forward and aiming my face toward the voice I felt his lips upon mine. Warm, moist and soft I kissed him, his mouth accepting my curious kisses with patience and an underlying urgency I could feel through the darkness. His arms surrounded me with warmth taking away the uncertain chill that had engulfed me. A soft moan escaped from my lips between his kisses. My arms had found their way to his flesh, his chest was in front of me – warm and hard against the palms of my hands, I felt the smoothness; I was finally touching his skin. Having felt the heat of his skin beneath my fingers, I couldn’t stop myself from exploring his body. In my dreams I had touched him, but that flesh wasn’t real, just imagined. This was real and even though I could not see, I knew it was him. Closing my blind eyes I let my hands show me what my vision could not. My hands searched for his face, feeling his jawbones, his straight nose, his soft lips, the curve of his hairline…it was definitely the man I had dreamed of. As a tear fell from the corner of my eye it was quickly kissed away.

As my hands explored his body, his began to explore mine. Beginning at my jawbone, tracing his hands down my neck to my shoulders, briefly grasping me between his strong arms, I felt the heat surround me. His hands lingered along my arms, lightly tracing waves along their length.

As his hands fell around my hips he pulled me forward into him. Our kisses turned as heated as the areas touched on our bodies, my tongue sliding in and out of his mouth, there was no teasing as I held onto him as a drowning person grasps a life preserver.

In the darkness we went slowly to our knees, the hard floor had turned soft like a down filled pillow. Each of us clinging to the other, his hands moved under my soft t-shirt to cup my bra-less breasts. Lightly stroking along the sides to the nipple, cupping them softly he placed his head between them, taking turns licking and sucking the right than the left side. My breath was uneven and the noises from my lips sank in the darkness, devoid of echo or volume. As his lips became more urgent on my skin, his hands found their way between my legs. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down with one hand, then pushed my jeans towards my bent knees.

He slide his hand under my panties and like personalized directions he placed his fingers between the lips of my soft mound and began stroking my clit, sliding his finger through my wet pussy for lubrication but diligently returning to stroke my clit over and over until my breath came faster and faster, my moans caught in throat, my hands placed on his shoulders for support I lost all control, my orgasm wracking through my body, arching my back there was no stability.

With weak knees I leaned forward into him and could feel his hardness pressing into my stomach. Keeping my hands on his shoulders I placed my lips on his collarbone and traced a line down the center of his body, occasionally slipping my tongue back into my mouth to keep it moist I continued tracing a straight line to his shorts, pushing them down. My hot breath reached his cock and I could feel his pulse increasing in my hand. It was his turn, his breath turned labored and while he didn’t make a sound I could tell he was having a difficult time holding his composure.

Gently grasping the base of his cock I slid my hands back and forth along his shaft, alternating between hot breaths and my hands until I could hear his moans were no longer stifled. Opening my mouth I pushed him into my mouth, sucking and licking until he was leaning forward steadying himself on my back. As I felt him begin to lose control I let up and focused on the rim at the end of his shaft, alternately licking from side to side around and then sucking him in just over his head, before taking his entire shaft down my throat over and over again until he exploded his hot cum down my throat and onto my chin.

Not wanting him to lose his erection, I don’t let up. The hot, thick fluids flooding my mouth, tasting wonderful on my tongue, I swallow every drop until I go back to sucking on him, bringing him back to full hardness. Sliding his head across my chin he spoon feeds me all the cum that dribbled from my dark pink lips and had dripped down my chin. Every time he placed his head on my lips I seductively sucked and licked the cum off him. Rolling my tongue along the rim, I dragged my soft lips back and forth over his head, licking the tip to make sure nothing was left behind.

When he was properly cleaned up he placed me on my back and pushed my legs far back against my chest. Leaning his weight on my knees he pinned my legs down to my body and firmly against his. He was warm and hard, but still tender. As he eased his head into my slit he slowly rubbed himself up and down, gathering my wet juices along his cock and sliding it up and down my clit.

His pre-come felt hot on my clit and I couldn’t wait to feel his thick shaft enter me. I was done being teased, but still he continued, gentle with his motions. Every time he slid down my entrance, he would let slip a tiny bit deeper inside you. This continued until he had his head buried then he didn’t move. My breaths became heavy with anticipation. I moaned in frustration. He flexed his cock inside me, I could feel it move but not to my satisfaction.

“Tease,” I said.

“No more teasing, I promise baby.” He said in a whisper as he leaned forward to kiss my cum shiny lips. As I opened my mouth to moan from his kisses he thrust himself deep inside, turning that soft loving moan into screams of ecstasy. Stifled by his refusal to stop kissing, the sheer pleasure made me cum on the spot. I could feel myself tighten around his prick; unbearably he forced himself to not finish.

He rolled over still inside me, laying on his back he pushed me into a sitting position, pushing my knees away from his body, forcing my back into an arch, my ass sticking out high. My thighs rested o the sides of his pelvis with my pussy about four inches above his body, his dick still inside me.

As I started sliding down onto his cock he bucked his hips forward throwing me onto him. Catching me in his arms he said, “You’re not doing anymore work. Concentrate on keeping your knees in place with your body over me; I’ll take care of the rest.” He slides inside me, my body weight supported completely by his chest. I arched my back further to take him deeper and lean down to kiss him – harder, faster, he starts pumping vigorously. Guttural screams are coming from my throat, sounds deep and primal.

I rest my hands on his chest to raise myself up, locking every muscle in my body in place. He grabs my hips to help hold me as I begin to shake with orgasms. A final scream as I collapsed on top of him, my pussy tightening and releasing around his shaft over and over again. With every release a hot flood of cum rushed over his cock. As the light began to return, she looked into his eyes and asked him to finish inside her. Never leaving his gaze, he emptied every drop inside her. It was the best he had ever felt.

We both awaken from my dream, me sleeping on top of you, you holding me in your arms. No blanket, not sheet, his hot fluids dripping from between my legs, running down my thighs.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Moments That Take My Breath Away

I'm sitting here at my desk on this very grey, drizzly day planning my next newsletter, perusing the calendar on the wall when the dates hit me over and over again -- not figuratively, but literally feeling as if I was punched in the chest. Dates that were put on the calendar months ago...last week a reminder in Outlook announcing "180 days," the calendar on my wall noting week eight, week seven, week six, week five, four, ...dates that mean nothing other than I've survived another day without your love, without your humor and with sadness as I see you on the calendar today. Your son's birthday is less than a month away, your visit back home another month away. Countdowns to planned events. Moments of mutual excitement as together we watched the months and weeks pass by.

Alone today, my calendar is now my personal hell. I really hope this isn't what the quote that every so often makes its way into my emails about "it's not the moments that you breath that make your life, but the moments that take your breath away (George Carlin, RIP)" If these are those moments, I'd rather not breath. I have learned to hate my calendar. And it's not like I couldn't just delete the dates and never see them again, I could, sure, I could -- but when I try to do it, I just can't, please don't make me. It would be like deleting you out of my memories like you never happened.

So, I tell myself, today just breath. Just breath. Just breath.

Friday, April 24, 2009

He Wants Me to Write

He wants me to write more. When he reads my words, from an innocuous blog with no heartbeat or flesh, he gets hard for me. He says he never gets hard from reading porn, but reading my porn, imagining me, visualizing me in the sentences I've created and he's hard. Then again, one look at my ass and he's hard.

He loves my ass. He could tell you stories that involve nothing but my ass. He loves the milky white softness, he loves the melon round cheeks, he loves maneuvering my lace thong from one side to the other as I crouch on the bed doggie style, sliding his cock in and out of whichever hole. Occasionally, he surprises me by touching one side or both sides with a resounding slap, "look at that ass" he'll say. "Your ass is unbelievable." While I'm still never quite sure what that means, it makes me smile and proud to carry that flesh behind me, wiggling from side to side as I walk whether it be in the grocery store or at a restaurant. His love of my ass has increased my panty budget, just so I can increase the number of times I hear him talk about his love of my ass. Believe me, at 45, it's more than nice to have someone love your ass.

He wants me to write stories with him in them. He wants me to write stories about us with another woman. He likes my fantasies. He doesn't want to live my fantasies, but he's happy to be with someone who has a sexual imagination. In the car on the way from dinner last night he suggested that I write a story where I'm wearing a tight black skirt, an oxford style white cotton shirt with one or two too many buttons undone so that my bra peeked out. He wanted me to wear glasses and be sitting behind a desk, a woman of position and power who could bring him to his knees and order him to satisfy me.

He wanted me to write a story of me coming to his shop in a sexy outfit, have him tie my hands up over my head with an air hose in his paint booth while the oven was pouring out heat, sweat would be dribbling down my breasts to my stomach while he tortured me with his tongue, lapping at my clit, stroking my rim with his fingers, driving me to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, teasing me until I begin to quiver with pleasur, cum dripping from my pussy, down onto my thighs before he'd give me the satisfaction of his hard cock.

He wanted me to write a story of another woman satisfying me, suckling my sweet pink clit, one hand placed on my breast pinching at my nipple, the other hand two fingers deep into my ass pumping in and out while he watches and doesn't participate, hard on in his hand. He thinks I'll like being with another woman, he thinks that I'm missing something by not having experienced the love of a woman. Me, I prefer my love of cock.

I'd prefer the love of another man, even two men. I'd prefer to be the focus of attention, cock in each hole, a tongue lapping between them on any flesh not being pounded or fingered to attention. I'd prefer hands all over my body, grabbing at my nipples, slapping and rubbing on my ass, kissing my neck, licking from my elbows to my fingers, the pleasure of a cock in my mouth - my oral fixation being satisfied, fucking my throat in and out while I try not to cum over and over again, squirting my partners from my flow.

He wants me to write for him, but this is my fantasy, isn't it?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get Lost in Me

If you get lost in me, I’ll protect you. I’ll be very delicate in taking down that CMU block wall. VERY slowly, one brick at a time. So as not to scare you, or leave you vulnerable and exposed, I’ll wrap you in my arms warm and safe and whisper in your ear, “I’m sorry you’ve been treated like that, but this is what you’ve missed over the past 15 years. “ And then I will take care of you in ways you never thought possible.

Margarita Time

You are feeling ornery, but you have only been teased so far. Your cub called you earlier and without fail made you cum in about two minutes even though you begged him not to. You knew it would drive you crazy all day. But he didn’t listen. Your day went well, business is picking up. But you just didn’t feel like going home. It was probably going to be stressful anyway.

You decided you’d go get a margarita from your favorite bartender. And of course, he had it waiting for you before you even sat at your table. He brought it over to you and started lightly flirting with you. You never realize he is hitting on you, but you severely enjoy his company. Before you realize it, and still naïve to his intent, you are wet again. “Damn, first J. on the phone, and now this.” You finish your first margarita quickly, and order a second. You drift into thoughts of J. taking care of you, how you wish he’d come home already. Before you know it there is a man standing over you handing you your margarita. Without looking up you reach to take it but he doesn’t let go. “Waiting long my cougar?” He asked in a deep sultry voice.

“OMFG!” You almost scream as you jump to your feet. You try to hold it back but you end up squeaking and your face turns bright red as you throw yourself at him. He kisses you passionately in a way that even you, as naïve as you are, cannot mistake as a 100% fuck me now kiss. His lips wide across your, his tongue deep inside your mouth. You’re wet instantly, and your only response between heavy breaths when you pull away is, “Let’s go.” He wastes no time in paying the bill as you down your second drink. He takes you by the hand and leads you to the back door of the restaurant, but stops before you make it to the exit. He glances around quickly and when he’s sure no one is looking, pulls you into the bathroom.

“What are you do---“ You stop when you realize that you are in a clean room, smells of perfumes, it is white everywhere. He’s in the ladies room. “What ARE you doing” You ask? He pulls you into a large stall and closes the door. He takes both your hands and puts them above your head outstretching your arms. “No baby, please don’t do this, not here.” You beg, but he takes one hand and slides it down into your panties and teases you as you melt in his hand. “But baaabe…” You stick your bottom lip out begging. He quickly places his lips around yours and suckles your lower lip into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth, tasting you. Flicking his finger up and down. You don’t beg for long.

Your knees get weak but he holds you up with his body pressed against yours. You kiss him long and passionately. You are dying to taste his cock, but he won’t let you slide to your knees. You don’t dare stick out your lip again. You simply ask, “Please?” And he fingers you harder for it. He blows gently on your lips and you cannot help but to slide your forward to kiss him. Your breathing gets heavier and starts to come in gasps as your moans can be heard well into the restaurant. You body buckles and your knees give out. He doesn’t let you slide to the floor. He holds your arms pinned to the wall above your head. His knee supports your body. The lack of control turns you on so much. “Look at me as you climax on me baby. Don’t you dare stop. Be a good girl, ride it out…all the way…..oh yeah, that’s my good dirty girl.” He whispers in your ear.

You gather all remaining strength and stand up, spreading your long 34” stems open just about shoulder width. He loosens his jeans and without hesitation his erection springs out. He slides his head along your slit gathering your own personal lube to help ease him inside you. He slides straight up until he is standing against you. You feel weak; you want to collapse into his body. It is amazing. He removes his hand from yours and grabs your hips as you both start to grind on each other.

Your body still pinned against the wall, the only control you’ve gained in the use of your arms. You wrap around his neck tightly pulling him in. Kissing him fully, you don’t let him go. Your tongue searches for his frantically. You suck, nibble, bite, and lick his tongue. He is so delicious. You don’t allow him to pull away, and he returns the favor to your body. You’re not going anywhere until your sweet juice is running down his balls. He can feel you standing up on your toes. He rolls his hips into you trying to get deeper, anticipating what’s coming. Your body tenses as your screams become louder, his moans echoing yours. You don’t care who hears you right now. The mix of tequila and the pure animalism of the act has taken you over.

“Where do you want it mama cougar?” He asks you. “Inside me my cub, give it to me inside me,” you say softly, almost lovingly. Your soft voice triggers his full explosion. “OOOohhhh, ooohhh mmy God, baby, you feel sooo good! You like that baby?” You feel his hot liquids squirt deep inside you, coating your cunt with his thick creamy seed. He looks deep into your eyes and you feel him pump four… five…. OMG YOU ARE CUMMING!!! Your sweet pussy grips and squeezes his dick for dear life. Pulling him in deeper than you thought was possible as you lose control of your body. You collapse on top of him. Holding your breath involuntarily, you gasp and sigh as your body twitches in unison with your sex. You lay on him weightless for minutes on end trying not to regain your strength, but just enjoying his for long moments as you both flex your groin muscles teasing playfully.

(Written by Him.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's So Good

"Damn" I thought as I headed home down the winding road to my small, cozy house in the woods. "Four weeks! It's been four, fucking long weeks with no cock to satisfy me." I had recently "taken a break" from my long-term boyfriend and the shower head, miscellaneous vibrator and erotica just weren't enough to take care of my libido anymore. Work takes too much of my time to find a new piece of ass, so I guess I'll do the next best thing --

"Hey, the kids aren't home this evening, can you come over?" I asked him over the cell.

"What for?" he replied.

"To get fucked." I laughingly responded.

"Uh, I just had you on speaker phone and my friend is listening. That's not cool."

"Oops...well, I guess he'll know what you're going to be doing tonight if you decide to come over then, won't he? If you're not coming, maybe you could send him in your place" I laughed.

Well, he didn't sound all that pleased I thought as I clicked the receiver off. Maybe he won't show up at all. I had been a bit of a bitch when I sent him packing a few weeks ago. "Damn again" I whispered as I pulled the truck into the driveway.

A few minutes later, I had grabbed a quick bowl of cereal for dinner, headed to the bedroom to shower and then settled in to take care of some bookkeeping for my business. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I heard the front door open and someone talking to the animals. Hmmmm...seems a little anger couldn't keep him away.

Peaking down the hall I yelled out, "Hey, glad you decided to stop by. I'm just out of the shower.?"

"Yeah, well, I was pretty mad at you, but wanted to see the cats" he smiled.

"Ha, wanted to pet a pussy is more like it" I said as I teased him by putting my hand on the bulge in his pants from his already hard cock. That was all the invitation he needed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, pushing me down onto the bed and pulling off my towel. He smiled as he grabbed a look at his favorite pair of my hot pink lace panties. He began kissing my neck, slightly below my ear. Ummm, he smelled so good, must be the Aqua diGio I bought him for Christmas.

His hands were all over my body, rubbing my shoulders, running his fingers down the sides to my hips, kissing the center of my back, making me tingle all over. I was so horny I just wanted him to grind his cock into me, but I also know that he loves teasing me. I can do without all the foreplay and just fuck until I cum, but since he came by to help me the least I can do is let him tease. Besides, the way he teases me makes me so wet you can see the juices coming through my panties and on the insides of my thighs.

"Ummmm...." I couldn't keep myself from moaning, fighting the urge to push his head from my neck down to satisfy my throbbing clit. He was taking turns kissing my neck slowly for a few moments, then sliding his tongue into my ear, his hands caressing my body up and down, never touching between my legs where I really wanted his hands to be.

"You like that?" he asked. "Have you missed me taking care of you? God, you're so wet" he started off in English but then finishing in his native Greek. I didn't know what the hell he was saying, it could have been a dinner recipe, but I didn't want him to stop. The whispering was tickling my ear and sending shivers down my body, directly to the center point between my long, lean legs. He made me feel absolutely perfect - like my body had no imperfections, and definitely none of the ones I saw when I looked in the mirror every day. He cupped my breasts like they were perfect, lavishing kiss after kiss on them, biting and teasing each pink nipple until they pointed at attention.

He slid his hand down my stomach like it was the most perfect stomach he'd ever felt. Smooth, silky and soft, until finally his fingers delicately touched the spot most wanting him. He fingered my clit, rotating around and around before plunging two fingers into my dripping pussy and making me shudder from the anticipation of my first orgasm. His fingers stroked in and out, massaging my g-spot until I was pulling his hands away from me.

My recovery was short-lived. He lifted himself over me and spread my legs with his hand, and jammed his huge cock into me. Before he could push himself up again I was slammed with another orgasm, squirting my cum all over his stomach.

"Good girl" he said as he stopped stroking and teased my clit with the head of his cock. "You like that? Does my cougar want more of my big, hard cock?"

Grinding my clit into his cock I looked at him, pleading with him - "Please, please put it back. Give me your cock, baby, please. Don't stop this time, I need you in me."

"No, I think you need to be teased a little more" he said as he pulled the head of his dick completely away from me. Putting one head on each thigh and pushing my legs apart he slide his tongue over my swollen clit, licking then slowly sucking it inside his warm mouth. Placing his finger on my ass he began circling my rim and then inserting one finger into my ready hole. Again, I began moaning and pushing myself onto his finger, not knowing whether to pay attention to his mouth or his fingers I could feel another orgasm taking over and I came all over his face, him licking and cleaning my juices from between my legs.

Just when I thought I couldn't cum anymore he asked me to get on my knees for him. This is his favorite position, the least I could do after he took such good care of me is to get on my knees and cum one more time for him, right? Grabbing my ass and pulling me back into his cock, he slides in and I can feel him getting bigger as he slaps the sides of my ass.

"Do you feel me? Do you feel how big and hard you make me?"

"Uh-huh" is all I can get out as I feel his hard cock slamming into my walls, rubbing my clit with my fingers and sliding them around his cock while he slaps my ass again.

"You're so tight, baby. You're so wet - do I make you this wet baby? Did you miss me? You want my hard cock in you, baby?"

All I can get out is another "uh-huh" before I begin cumming again. The wetness slides down my legs, I can feel his balls getting slippery between my fingers as I try to remain upright.

As I stop shuddering from the orgasm I pull away from him and turn to see him smiling at me. "What's wrong, baby - are you done? Did I make you cum enough, baby?" Biting my lower lip I blush and smile, "yeah, I think I'm done cumming. Do you want to cum now?"

I push him back onto the bed and slide my tongue all over his cum covered cock. Tasting me all over him, cleaning my cum off him and then I slide his huge cock into my mouth, taking it all the way into my throat and swallowing him down. I want his cock filling my throat, I want to make him to cum so hard he loses control. I pull my mouth off him and slide my tongue over him again and again, then slide my hand up and down his shaft before getting my mouth around his huge cock and swallowing him down again.

"You're like a professional, baby. Oh my God, it feels to fucking good, baby. Don't stop." I hear before he begins pumping his cock into my throat, harder and faster until I feel his hot juices coat the inside of my mouth.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Homecoming...(aka If Only)

You step off the commercial jet glad to have your land legs back for just a little while before you have to continue your trip. It’s been six very long months of waiting to get to someone you left the states not really knowing at all, to today when you know her deepest, darkest secrets, sharing intimacies she hasn’t shared in many years. One nearly missed meeting two years ago, a moment that created months of “if only” fantasies. If only you weren’t married, if only she invited you in, if only…and then a phone call. A kind phone call from a long distance friend to say hello again. To see if there was something you could do to mend the hurt – and her response, telling you to go away and never call back. What had you done, how could you fix it, and what could it possibly be?

A mistake, a simple mistake that once again placed you on a path to alter “if only.” If only had become when. ‘When I get there, baby,’ you would tell her when you could hear the uncertainty in her voice. ‘When I get there,’ you would tell her when you felt her hesitate and think just a little too long about what seemed to be an unending list of ‘if only’ obstacles. The ‘when I get there’ replaced all the ‘if only’s’ until they were no longer part of her vocabulary. She was intelligent, accomplished and knew where she had been in life. You wanted to show her where she was going, and if you didn’t figure it out soon you would be headed back to ‘if only.’

You saw her first, standing with her back to the thickly painted cinderblock wall of the airport terminal. You chuckled as you headed toward her. She was wearing a leopard print blouse with a snug, black knit skirt that hung to just above her knees and heeled black pumps. It was a private joke; Mama Cougar is here, is what the outfit said. At 21 years my senior, she was still having a hard time with the age difference. Her heart was telling her one thing, while her head argued public opinion. She still hadn’t seen you; you could see that she was nervous. Spending hundreds of hours with her on the phone, you truly didn’t know if she’d be here when you arrived. You had hoped she wouldn’t let you down.

Suddenly you realize her blue eyes are staring directly at you. Those are the eyes that you’ve seen every night before you’ve fallen asleep, her picture taped to the bunk over yours. She smiles at you, then looks down to the floor, takes a deep breath and waits for you watching nervously as you move toward her. She doesn’t know what to do, you think before you get to her – you’ll have to fix that immediately. Just a few more steps…standing toe to toe you look into her eyes, lean forward and kiss her. Softly, quickly before she can think about what is happening, she melts. As you pull away from her she says, “Hello, Love Muffin.” You smile as she grabs your hand and pulls you toward the outer doors. As she gets outside she turns and takes a longer look at you, smiling from ear to ear she says “I can’t believe you are really here. Are you still sure about this, sure about me?” You are.

You arrive at a dark blue Silverado. She unlocks the doors and climbs into the back, you get in behind her. You’d really like a shower, but there’s no time. A two-hour layover not including the 45 minutes of trying to get back into the airport through the security check. There’s too little time and too many things you want to do, to tell her, promises made that you don’t want to break. But she looks into your eyes and you know its okay. You don’t need to talk about anything. Six months of foreplay is more than enough. Even if you never see her again, today, in this very brief period of time she is yours. She has invited you into her. She unbuttons her blouse revealing a black lace bra underneath; you put your hands around her breasts bending your head to kiss the space between them, then moving upward to her neck, searching your way to her lips.

You know what you want, but you won’t last. She licks the gloss on her lips and reaches for your belt. Against your better judgment your mind is saying stop her, you aren’t in control yet, by you can’t. You don’t want her to stop. She opens the front of your pants and strokes her hands along your hardness. You’ve moved your hands to her ass, sliding them between her skirt and hose. You can feel the tiny lace thong that matches the bra, although you can’t see the color you know that it’s matching black. Her mouth still wet from kissing yours, moves to take your throbbing cock in her mouth. As her tongue licks around your shaft you can feel an explosion building when she pulls away from you. Pulling her skirt up to her hips she moves to sit facing you sliding your cock into the soft, warm wetness you’ve imagined for months. As she moves her hips up and down on your shaft you can’t stop the hot explosion from coming. She can feel you tighten and smiles, moving her lips to yours again, sucking on your tongue as you cum in her.

Not getting up she puts her arms around your neck, and her head on your shoulder and with tears in her eyes says “I’m glad you’re back home. Can I walk you back to your terminal?”

Love Muffins and Butterflies

Love muffin.

Do you want to know what that did to me? Be careful, and think about it before you respond.

Made you hungry for dessert?

No, not at all…..that was cute…but no that’s not what it did. I don’t think about dessert unless it is pumpkin pie and whip cream….Or maybe me can substitute the pie for you….lol….

No, love muffin, what did it do to you? Take you back in time to someone else? Or did it bring you forward in time to me?

No one has ever called me muffin of any kind…so it didn’t take me back. You could say forward a bit to you. It made me melt, for the first time in a while. I know it sounds corny, but you have to remember that too, you know, what it was like to have a guy make you melt or give you butterflies.

That just did it for me.

No one has ever called you a love muffin? That explains a lot. How old were you when you were no longer considered a boy (and I mean when did you stop considering yourself a boy)? From this one statement I would imagine that you were very young when you decided you were no longer a boy and that your family (whether it was your mom, grandma, grandpa or aunt) stopped calling you pet names like love muffin. Awww, that’s so sad to me….my kids are nearly 18 and 14 and I still call them pet names, I can make both of my kids feel like they’re 5 in a matter of minutes, even my oldest.

Okay…I’m flattered and sad that it made you melt, but I’m glad too. From everything you’ve written, and lord knows it’s a lot – I can’t imagine you not being a love muffin. Okay…its final, you’re my love muffin.

Now, to answer your other question, it’s been a very long time since someone flattered me enough to give me butterflies. I love butterflies – if I had to say the one thing I really, truly miss about being completely in love is the butterflies. That’s something I’ve been keeping to myself for a few years and something I’ve stopped looking for. M. will never give me butterflies, which is why we’ll never be in love.

“Okay…its final, you’re my love muffin.” Yeah, melt is the perfect word for that.

I stopped considering myself a boy and looked at myself as a man at around 12, then at 15 I said I didn’t know what I was thinking then, I’m a man now….like I’ve said, food, car, work, furniture, clothes, phone, lack of support…I was taking care of myself since then.

OK, here is more digging for you….what gives you butterflies? And don’t say you have to be in love to get them, because if that were the case then your last statement would be contradictory….” M. will never give me butterflies, which is why we’ll never be in love. “And what does that explain? I’m lost on your first sentence?

I feel the butterflies when I’m attracted – so it comes even before the love. And it doesn’t take four years – it’s generally after a couple of dates, the one who gives me butterflies will do something for me/to me and I will feel the flutters in my stomach, I never know what that thing is that will happen, it just does. There’s no contradiction. It wouldn’t take four years for any man to give me butterflies – God this is hard to explain, it comes with the recognition of mutual feelings, new feelings for each other, as those feelings begin to grow – at the beginning, but not the very beginning. It’s that moment when you don’t want to share anything about this other person with another person; you want them all to yourself. Urgh…I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

It sounds nice…I’ve never felt it (butterflies) but I have known what you are speaking of. It’s just been a while. I know when I’ve fallen because I don’t want to do anything except spend all my time with that woman, I don’t want either of us to get out of bed in the morning, I don’t want to leave for work….I still do, but reluctantly. When I’m at work, I’m constantly checking the clock and counting down until I can be with them again. And when I finally do see them, I can’t stop smiling until they are in my arms.

I want to take care of you. I want you to feel like a queen with me. I know I do this at a risk of you (and me) falling. But I don’t think I would mind terribly, especially since you haven’t felt that way in so many years. My rule is in place simply for your emotional safety. If we were to fall, my concern would be hurting you…again it would never be intentional, but IF something stupid were to happen, would you really forgive me and be able to feel the same about me? I don’t think that is possible. But either way, I want you to feel loved. (I don’t think that really explained it well enough.)

Yeah you need to be treated like a queen again (or maybe for the first time). Someone like you should NOT feel this way. I cannot attest for those other guys, but I think you are amazing. Beautiful, smart, mature in the right areas, but fun in the right areas as well. Did I mention you are sexy? Beautiful is one thing and sexy is something completely different, you are both. I’m sorry you don’t think anyone has been interested in you for four years but I am interested right now.

And besides me (I know this may not help much but as a guy I know this to be true) you met M. and were nervous…you brushed away his advances for what two, three weeks….but he was persistent. A guy isn’t that persistent unless he is interested, and by interested I mean a lot…as in captivated or mesmerized. We don’t have long attention spans. We just can’t do that.

You are very beautiful. I wish I could wrap my arms around you right now and whisper into your ear. I’d make you feel better about everything.

M. treats me like a queen – I do not treat him like a king. Butterflies would remedy this – he wouldn’t hurt my feelings or break my heart if we broke up. I don’t think it would break his heart either. My ex – he broke my heart. He not only broke my heart, but worked 15 years on building a wall around my heart made out of cinderblock, barbed wire, ice and ready at any moment to zap anyone’s ass with a very powerful bolt of electricity. Don’t mistake that electricity for butterflies, it could kill you.

I think it would take a helluva man to break through all that – I really do. And, that’s not a challenge – it’s just how I feel. I don’t know if I would be able to let myself open up enough ever again to be as hurt as he hurt me. It’s baggage – it’s huge baggage that I carry every day. M. tells me all the time that he’s always the backup guy who finds woman who have been really hurt by the guy before him – I told him to stop dating cougars and he wouldn’t have that problem. I think it would be difficult to find an older woman who hasn’t had her heart broken and the scars to prove it. After that, protecting yourself is physiology -- not a choice.

Do I think you could be that man? I have no idea. You probably know more about me in this past month than M. – it’s easier to run naked through the woods if I think no one is watching, and I do love being naked.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Ride

It’s mid-afternoon on a sunny Maryland day. I’m wearing a very low cut top with no bra, a black miniskirt, a lacy pink thong and a pair of leather boots. The miniskirt has barely enough material to cover my round, smooth ass. I get on his bike, spreading my legs wide as I straddle him from behind. He’s been teasing me all day, doing what he knows makes me wet and ready for his thick, hard cock. Not to mention, every chance he gets he slides his hands back around and fingers my wet pussy just to make sure I’m still moist. He can feel me through my panties, his fingers linger just a little too long sometimes making me moan. I don’t want to be on the back of this bike, I want you now – I’m tired of waiting and even though the vibrations from the bike are driving me insane, it’s just not enough to finish the job. My stomach aches from wanting to come so badly for so long. You say you need me soaked if you’re going to get your way with me tonight. I don’t know what he’s up to, but if the foreplay keeps me this wet, I can’t wait to get what he’s planning.

We pull into a small bar with no windows in the middle of.....where the fuck are we? We've been driving for about 45 minutes and I’m so frustrated I can’t concentrate on anything except my burning need to have his thick cock pumping me hard and fast. Through the darkness of the bar, we can see three other people including the bartender. I am the only woman. The patrons looked to be decent, middle-aged men in casual business dress, two men just having a drink after work. One of them looks to be about 30 years old, blonde hair, a bit of razor stubble from his five o’clock shadow and a thin, wiry build, while the other one is dark haired, and looks like he used to be a football player in his younger days. It seems to be a quiet bar with Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night” coming through the Juke Box. He orders me a Perfect Margarita and says to make it a double. A double, that will probably make me pass out, but that may not be a bad thing with the frustration I’m feeling. Maybe a double will relieve me. He starts making conversation that does nothing to quell my desire for his mouth, his dick or his hands on my body.

He asks me, "What would you do to get fucked hard right now?"

“I would do ANYTHING!”


I swear, yes, I promise."

He stands me up and places my boot on the footrest under the bar, bends my knee a bit to lift my miniskirt over my ass. He reaches around to put my clit through my thong. Only a tease – but it’s getting me closer to where I want to be.

The other two guys at the end of the bar and the bartender are staring, but I’m so horny I don’t care enough to make you stop. Just as I’m about to tell you how much I want you, your hand stops the tease and you say, pointing to the three men, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom. When I come back out I want to see you doing this with them.”

I think I need another drink...”Bartender, can you give me another one of these.” He tells me he’ll be back in about five minutes.

I down my double Perfect Margarita without any hesitation. Feeling a bit apprehensive and very horny, I invite the guys on over knowing they overheard the entire conversation. The first one to come over is the bartender; he pulls up my miniskirt and pushes me back against the bar. The other two guys come over; one has his hands rubbing on my ass, the other on my tits.

When you come out, I’m leaning my back against the bar with my legs spread open, all three men tugging my skirt up and taking turns massaging my clit. The bartender drives his fingers deep inside me sending me doubling over as I finally cum, as if on cue.

"Good girl," you say as you walk up to the three of us.

"Hey thanks, she's really good," the bartender says.

"This is nothing," I responded, "You should feel her suck cock."

That was all the dark haired guy needed to hear, he undid his pants and stood up. I look at you, unsure if you’re serious but I see in your eyes that you'll be there if I decide to use my safe word. I face the man and bend over at the hips to take him deep into my throat while the other one finger fucks my pussy. I am so wet that you can see it running down my leg even in the dimly lit bar. The man fingering me stands up and unzips. He is already hard and he shoves himself inside me. Mm……I try to moan but every time he thrust inside me he pushes my throat deeper around the other man’s cock. Now this is a new twist to my fantasy.

You take my hand and put it on your cock as I start to jerk you off, sucking one man and fucking the other. The bartender isn’t far behind, undressing and then lying on his back. I get on top of him. The other three of you circle around as I take turns with my hands and mouth on your cocks making sure not to spend too much time on any one. All of the men’s moans are coming full circle like surround sound making me feel so good, so desired – like a sex goddess knowing that four men are being satisfied by my mouth, hands and pussy. The rotations continue and I make sure I’m tasting everything that comes near my face. Saliva and cum are dripping from my mouth and hands, between my legs is a combination of my cum and who knows who else’s.

I lay on my back and all four of you continue to rotate taking care of my every fantasy, my moans are stifled but my whole body is grinding with waves of ecstacy. I must have cum at least a dozen times. Suddenly I hear deep grunts and moans, I can’t tell who, but someone is cumming – the blonde man blows his load deep inside me making me cum all over him, then the dark haired guy lands his load on my tits and I start rubbing it into my skin, the bartender cums on my belly, his thick cum dribbling down to my pussy lips – finally you finish in my mouth, where I lick and suck until every last drop is sliding down my throat.

When I stand I have cum dripping from my lips, down my chin, lathered into my chest and sliding down the inside of my legs…

Suddenly you say, "You once told me that you wanted to feel it everywhere, every last inch of your body. Well?"

"Give me another margarita and then let’s do it again" is my only response.

(Written by him, rewritten in the first person by me with his permission.)

The "Don't Fall for Me" Rule

I don’t think I could get tired of you based on what I know so far….I think we’d be a pretty good match, hence my don’t fall for me rule. Both of us bitch when its cold…we could feed off each other, it wouldn’t be bitching at each other, it would be, “Jesus it’s fucking cold out WTF!” “I know holy shit, what the hell happened!” We’d be great for each other, but god help everybody else. If I was stationed near you, we could be roommates. What do you think about that?

It could be a possibility. Let’s see -- Lord knows my house is big enough and there are plenty of houses in foreclosure around here that you could do both the military and business…and you could do your clubs here, although you might have to make them gay instead of your plan, and I’ve been trying to open a business or a couple of years – by the time you get here, maybe it will be possible??? But then you’d fall for me and then where would we be?

And why would I fall for you?

Awww, I’m crushed.

Not how I meant that……it was a question that was not sarcastic….but rather “I’m looking for info.” You are beautiful Sweetheart, you need to start believing that….there are a hundred things I could compliment you on, all would make you feel happy, why would I pick one that I didn’t think was true? And I don’t think you’ve answered my question…

URGH….okay, you’d fall for me because…

…I’m so nice
…because I don’t have any preconceived notions about what you should do, what I should do, etc. – you just do what you want, I do what I want and when we both want, we connect.
…because I’m as much fun as a teenage kid most of the time.
…I love hot rods, amusement parks, parades, balloons, coloring, kids movies, drawing, art, making things, working with my hands, animals, shoes, jeans and dresses – I love to go fast, while I hate to watch sports on TV, I like going to the games – ice hockey, baseball, kids playing football – doesn’t matter as long as it’s not sitting on the couch watching.
...I rarely make plans to do anything – I love taking off at the spur of the moment and deciding as we go, I like wrong turns – make them on purpose sometimes just to see something I might have missed along the way.
...I wish for more time, more life, more sunshine, more colors, less pain and inherent knowledge without pain…
…I do my best to make people like me and to make them happy just to be themselves.
…And because you will look into my eyes, feel my body with yours and forget why you wouldn’t want to fall for me.

But I won’t fall for you because it’s in the rules, and above all else – I follow the rules.

Yeah…we’ll fall for each other…And I won’t be here forever, at the very least I still plan on visiting you…risk of falling or not.

Good. I’m looking forward to it. Whether you fall or not – Besides, I didn’t give you any rules.

What’s this, whether I fall or not? What if you fall?

Ah, I see that you have pulled the rules from my words rather than from a list of rules. I like that you remember. What if I fall – it’s in the rules that I can’t fall. You’d have to change the rules.

I’ve done it before. It just meant the rules changed. What about you, you haven’t fallen in years…what would you think, say, and do if you fell?

I honestly don’t know if I have it in me to fall again. I’m old and cynical – don’t believe the man. Unless you can wear love on your shirt sleeve like a patch, I don’t think I could believe that the feeling exists enough from one person towards me to let myself go there. I like the fantasy of love too much – I like the idea that you’re always happy with the one you are in love with, and that they are always happy with you, and that life is flowers and sunshine. AND even when it isn’t flowers and sunshine, even when it’s cold mud and rain, it’s okay because you have each other. My fantasy of love doesn’t include things like I love you until I find someone else to love more – and considering my luck with love, I’m thinking that type of love just isn’t meant for me to find and that I’d be better off not falling in love and holding onto my ‘finding love fantasy’ as a fantasy.

And think about it, when you’re 70 I’ll be 91…you’ll be looking for much younger women and I’ll be old and wrinkly. You’ll be in your prime and I’ll be prime for the box.

Ok first off…that fantasy has to be true somewhere. I’ve pretty much given up on it too, but it has to exist, I cannot spend my life looking for random women for companionship and to give comfort to. But I don’t believe that when its cold and muddy you still have each other and that makes it ok. You went through it with M. Three years, how was it? It sucked. His presence didn’t help. K. and I the same thing. If it's cold and muddy, it's because it has been rainy and foggy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. It just requires BOTH of you to communicate, not go behind your back and cheat, not lie about everything and blow up. Real communication.

And lastly… I won’t make it to 70- I’m an adrenalin junkie, I’m military. I take unnecessary risks. I’ll be dead at 69. And even if I do… 70-80-90-91, who cares they all look the same anyway. Right?

Sorry, my cold mud and rain where relating to things like financial issues, work issues, kid issues, outside things that make turmoil in your world – not cheating. Because, even with those things out of your control – at home with the one you love, those things remain outside the door (proverbial door, not really the door). Doesn’t mean that you don’t talk about them, deal with them, etc. – but they don’t change that you love each other and wouldn’t do anything to hurt the other.

I plan on living to be an old, crotchety woman who yells at people’s children to stay off my lawn and make the kid’s talk about the crazy lady at the end of the street that you shouldn’t trick or treat at her house ‘cause she’s really a witch! LOL! Reality – I’ll be the old lady that the little kids come to my house to play with the animals and have tea parties…urgh.

Got it sweetheart….let me ask you something, only because this hasn’t NOT happened yet. IF you were to fall eventually, would you be more scared or happy?

The rule that changes if we fall, is 100% OPEN COMMUNICATION….all the time.



That I would be disappointed yet again.

I doubt it. But I doesn’t matter anymore, whatever happens, happens. I say don’t fall for me because I don’t want to hurt you later on, not that I would do it intentionally, but It will happen and I just don’t want to hurt someone I love.

Rules always get broken….It what you do about them to make you happy in the end that counts. From the little I know of you I think I could make you happy, and be happy with you as well…but from what I know of myself, I’d screw it up for you….so that’s why I ask, because we are setting ourselves up to fall, both of us. If that does happen, how do I keep you happy? How I would want you to be if you fell for me….feeling like a queen.

Have you talked to me online long enough that I’ve made you cynical too? Hurting someone you love is okay – it’s just knowing that you’ve hurt them and making sure you remember to apologize for it when you do realize what you’ve done. Forgiveness is part of love – I really don’t think two people can go through a life and not hurt each other ever, it’s just recognizing it, apologizing for it, doing whatever is necessary to make sure that it’s forgiven and moving on. The moving on is the hardest part because for some idiotic reason people always want to go back to the past and relive the bad things. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to move forward and remember the good things?

What would keep me happy -- this one took me a lot of thought and some time…and I don’t know that I’m done yet, but I think I am.

I don’t know. I didn’t come with a feelings manual. I won’t know until it’s time to figure it out. I’m not much for the future – don’t think much about it, don’t plan for it – except in business. I understand numbers and they are usually right through the years. People on the other hand, the plans always change and I end up disappointed.

What could I do that would disappoint you? Be honest…close your eyes and picture this: we’ve met, hung out, been friends (in person) I got stationed near you, we room together… We’ve fallen for each other……..what are the things (any and all of them) that I could say, do, or think, that would hurt you?

Boy, you are a digger aren’t you? Are you sure you’re not out there on a back hoe digging for bodies or something?

Okay…how could you disappoint me? If I were to fall for any man who told me he had also fallen for me -- the things that would hurt me most and that would justify my cynical attitude in order of importance to me or potential occurrence…

…lie to me
…cheat on me
…treat me like I’m disposable or not special to you
…treat me as being less valuable than yourself
...have expectations of me that I can’t meet
…leave me

You can add to it at any time, and please tell me immediately if you do…

Lie to you, won’t happen, but please remember open communication, some things hurt but they at least aren’t lies, and everything has a reason…I did this because it thought this… etc.

Cheat…not going to happen. You hadn’t had a good sex life for the past three years…I’ve been hitting on you over the web from some 4k miles away, and you are a nymph…Why would I cheat. If you start to get cold in person, we’ll talk so you know how I feel, I’ll dig harder to figure out why you’ve become cold and I’ll work even harder to fix it for both of us.
Disposable or not special and less valuable than myself are all the same to me…..Will not happen. Pecking order comes like this…. My kids first, then you, then me.
Expectations that you can’t meet….falls back on communication. If you let me know how can I hold you responsible. If I even ask much of you at all, usually it will be small things.

And yes I dig….I want to know everything about you. You captivate me.

Oh, I forgot leave you….if we can communicate everything, and we genuinely love the other, why would we…unless you count me being stationed away from you before you can move.

The Sun Room

You’ll have to tell me how your evening was – I liked the thought of you looking into my eyes as you go to sleep – so much so that I sent you a close up of my eyes that you can put up tonight so you know I’ll be watching over you.

So, I look around my sun room and everyone is sleeping…I have comfy couches, lol. So, with that I was thinking that maybe you could come sit over here, next to me…that’s right, right here. Now how about you take off that shirt, it’s so warm in here. Oh, that’s very nice…love the tummy. I’m a tummy girl myself, gives me something to put my hands on. Now, those jeans, take them off next and let me see how you look. Hmmmm….that’s really nice. Cute boxers, what’s that on them – little cars? What, you knew I’d have you down to your boxers this morning, lol. Nice ass too…stand up and turn around so I can see you…yes, that’s’ very nice. Now, how about you come on over here and let me touch you. Mmmmm…you like that? I do. What? You want me to take something off? No, not yet. I think I get to enjoy you right now – you can enjoy me later. Let me touch you a bit more, let me rub my hands all over you. Moaning? Oh, you must like this kind of touching. I like it, that’s why I’m doing it. My lips, I can put my lips where? Oh, no – please, don’t beg. I’ll get my lips there – right now though my lips are busy right here, here on this spot. They’ll make it to that other spot in just a minute. More moaning? Ah, I like that kind of moaning. Licking my lips I work on increasing your moans. What’s this, you’re getting tense. Your muscles are contracting, clenching even…one last swirl of my tongue and you’ve exploded on me.

How do you like that?

Friday, April 17, 2009

He Won't Be a Kept Man

Good morning Ms. Horny, I can’t see you at the moment, would you mind terribly letting me know what you are wearing?

Hmmm…today I’m wearing a new pair of jeans and a new sweater. Jeans are just jeans, a little on the tight side, of course. The sweater is blue with a metallic silver going through it. I’m also am wearing a black lace thong and copper colored bra from Victoria’s Secret. Comfy and sexy at the same time.

That’s perfectly fine. It just means that I will have to go looking for that thong. Thoughts….concerns?

I don’t have any concerns and my thoughts run along the lines of, is the last thing I’d be doing if you were looking for my thong. And thinking of you looking for my thong makes me throb, so keep looking, lol.

Ok…I’ll just unbutton just the top button so I can slide my hand further down your body….touching the top edge of your panties with my finger tips…….I wonder if you are wet?

Sounds like someone wants to play…Keep moving that hand downward and find out for yourself.

I’m reaching my free arm around your body to pull you tighter to me and make it easier to maneuver my arm, now about three inches past my wrist, down your tight jeans. Mmmm, my hand feels hot and sticky like you’ve been wet all day without satisfaction or release. Rubbing my fingers along the top of your material…I want your panties soaked before I give you what you want. A desire I can see unmistakably burning in your cobalt blue eyes as they pierce mine.

I wish I could do something but all I want to do is wait for your next move…

I glide my fingers on top of your thong, rubbing back and forth just barely inside your slick lips. Our eyes never drift apart. My arm firmly wrapped around your hips, your chest tightly against mine. I swirl around your clit with my middle finger. I can feel you pulsating as I rest my fingertip against you. I move your thong to the side and ease in my finger to my second knuckle. I start to finger you quickly with a “come here” motion. I want to hear you moan; I want to feel your breath against my body and I want to be lost in your beautiful eyes.
I’m not able to keep my hands off you anymore, I’d try rubbing through your jeans to that beautiful bulge I can feel against my leg trying to make you lose control and get me out of my pants and you out of yours.

It’s not working as well as you would like...I take my arm from around your waist and place it over your hand squeezing my cock through my jeans I tell you don't move, you can squeeze, but don't move. I start to flick my finger inside your wet pussy much faster, I can feel your muscles starting to squeeze my finger, my forearm gets tense but I don't slow down at all. You are going to cum first. This is for you to enjoy.

I put my hand up to your cheek and run my fingers through your soft hair; gently tugging at the back where your hair meets your neck I pull you in firmly for a long, slow kiss. As our tongues roll over each other, I finger you faster and faster. I need to use my hand to hold you as you start to bend and squeeze your thighs together, knowing you are about to cum hard. I can feel it too. Your tight little cunt is giving my hand a great workout. Harder, faster, baby, cum for me Baby. I stare deeply into your eyes lost with no intention of being found anytime soon. Your breath is coming in short loud gasps. Cum for me, Baby. Look me into my eyes and cum in my hand. Be a good girl and do that for me sweetheart and I'll give you everything you ask for.

If your emails get me off like this, I can’t imagine what you could do in person…I don’t even want to type back what our next actions would be, but would rather find a dark corner…

I don't type fantasies honey...well, some of them obviously are. Like the bar. But the other ones...I tell you exactly what I want to do to you and if I were there right now this is what I would do for you unless you changed something in the process or took control yourself, this is exactly what I love. I want you to cum, almost on command, not to be controlling but rather to be that good. I want to make you multi-orgasmic and I truly want to get lost in your eyes, whether passionately staring into them or watching you as you orgasm all over my hands or on my cock. I want to kiss you like I've told you, over and over again. I want to give you a kiss that says ‘I love you’ even if it isn't real. This is not my imagination; this IS what I will do for you when we are together.

So you don't have to imagine. What this email is doing for you -- wanting to make you find a dark corner -- it will be the same experience in the warmth and actual physical connection of my body and yours.

OK, well…um….hmmmm…I’m generally not this ‘speechless’ but, um, wow…okay. I don’t know that I could afford to have you here in Maryland. There’s no way I could walk away from sex this good easily. And I couldn’t afford to keep you (i.e. as a kept man, lol) and would have to go back to a corporate job. And I’ve heard I love you enough times in my life to know that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, cynical but for me, true. So, kiss away…you can bend my ass over anytime…

I'm glad I made you speechless. I'm not interested in stealing you I said, I have baggage that you will not want to deal with. I'm interested in a week of getting lost with a friend on her schedule. I will not jeopardize you in any way, to include financially. You come first.

I am DEFINITLEY not interested in being a kept man. No chance in hell. And, I definitely won’t be saying I love you, but I want to give you a kiss that makes you feel it. Not to play games with you, just because those are the best kisses. Afterwards, if you are confused, we can sit down and I'll explain – No, I didn't fall for you. I just wanted to give you the best kiss of your life, or at least try to anyway. The perfect kiss should feel that way.

Good, good and better. Are you sure, because I think you’d make a really good kept man? Kisses that make you feel it – okay, good. It’s a good goal – try away. And I hope it does feel that way.

The Cougar's Lair

Once upon a time there was an apathetic dragon who lived high in the mountains of Rasepal. The area was deplete of oxygen and years of fabled tales of woe kept the curious humans from exploring the mountain’s wet, dark heights. There were so few dragons left who roamed the lands, between the years of hiding and the fear of exposure to the humans in their flying machines, reproducing was nearly impossible. That was until the wretched witch of Thalamar placed a curse on this particular, apathetic dragon that turned him into his most feared enemy – a human. But as a human he was not simply a dragon taking human form, he was more than mortal – as a man he was as a God, divine and beautiful. Women were mesmerized by his sleepy, green and gold flecked eyes. His strong, calloused hands and forked tongue were rumored to ensure multi-orgasmic evenings…but it was faeries he was attracted to. In human form he was able to more than interact with the faeries, although there was no hope of reproduction as the seed of a dragon spawn would certainly incapacitate a delicate fae.

(Does this sound interesting...should I continue?)

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So, it’s 29 degrees here (Fahrenheit) and the entire time I was talking to you earlier today I was toast warm, now you have gone to bed and I’m freezing. Now, granted my shirt doesn’t have a back to it (it’s a strange shape) but still, why wouldn’t I be warm now when I was warm all afternoon? I have a heater going at my feet, my headache is finally gone, and my energy vitamin has kicked in…but I’m cold.

If I were so inclined to sleep, I would put your arms around me from behind, I could rest my head on one arm and I would wiggle my body into your angles until I fit just right, and then I would sleep soundly, feeling safe and warm. Maybe you could throw a leg over me to make sure I don’t go anywhere too…and when we were completely rested, we would wake and get to know each other’s skin – touching, rubbing and feeling any and every area to confirm or erase those created in our imaginations with the real thing. Finally, with me feeling your hardness, with you feeling my wetness, we’d explore where eyes can’t easily see, touching and creating new images to last until the next time we can be together. Good morning.

Sounds wonderful, I cannot wait. And this is also another reason why I'd like to get a room while I'm there. I want to be able to hold my woman all night long, to provide you warmth, comfort, and safety. It's been so long since I've been able to do any of this.

Surprise Visitor (aka Tuesday)

A noise wakes me. It’s still dark outside and all my senses are alert waiting for another sound in the night. Not hearing anything I get out of bed and slowly creep down the hall to the kitchen. It’s cold out; the t-shirt and tiny thong don’t cover enough to keep me from shivering as I check the house for movement. Then I hear a noise downstairs. My heart races as I head quietly, silently down the steps. As I open the door and step down into the large family room I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness. I look around and still don’t’ see anyone in the room.

Suddenly a hand goes around my face while another pulls me backward toward a warm, hard body. Quickly and gently – as a slightly familiar voice whispers in my ear, “It’s me, don’t scream” as he kisses my neck. Taking his hand from my face I turn and look into the shadows for the eyes I’ve been longing to see.

“How did you get in?” I said, my heart still beating hard from fear and surprise.

“Well, I already knew where you lived and since you said it was such a safe neighborhood, thought I’d try the door just in case you didn’t lock it. I didn’t intend on waking you. I just thought I’d surprise you in the morning after everyone had gone for the day.”
“I can’t believe you are really here,” I whispered, wondering how he got here. I didn’t expect to see him in person for at least six months.

Shyly I turned around to him, putting my arms around his neck and pulling him to me. Sweet, soft and wet were our first kisses as we explored each others’ mouth. His tongue darting in and out of my mouth, biting and teasing my lips between breaths, taking turns my tongue slides in and explores the sweetness of his mouth, devouring the wetness, my body being drawn to the warmth of his. Like a magnetic pull, my body curves into his. I feel his hard cock pressing into me leaving me no doubt of his intentions, forgetting about the sleeping life upstairs.

His warm hands barely touched me as he stroked my hips; suddenly he grabbed the sexy roundness of my ass and pulled me to him, pulling me closer and closer until I felt as if his skin were mine. The roughness of his hands stroked my back, my shoulders, slowly moving around to my sides, up and down, softly caressing the smooth skin on the sides of my breasts without placing his hands where I truly wanted them. Fire, my body feels as if it’s on fire, taking me from the cool, early morning shivers as I headed down the stairs to now having a bead of sweat slithering its way between my breasts.

My hands dropped from around his neck to explore his body. A body I did not know but had dreamed about, softly, slowly my fingers slide from his neck, to his chest – the shyness was gone, curiosity had taken over. My hands slid down his belly, circling his flesh until I reached his belt. He sucked in his breath. Pulling the belt loose I unbuttoned his jeans, button after button…finally being able to slide his pants to his thighs I began kissing his neck, down onto his chest stopping just briefly to bite and pull at a tiny brown nipple. My tongue now awakened licked his chest from his nipples down to his belly, to the right and left, circling slowly until he could no longer wait for what he knew was coming.

First stroking his balls then licking them one by one until they were shining with the moisture of my tongue, circling and then sucking one in and then the other, never playing favorites. I move my fingers to stroke that smooth hard spot just behind them. I can feel his anticipation, his desire, his hardness - licking my lips I take the head of his cock into my mouth, holding his ass in my hands I pulled him toward me. I didn’t want to leave any part of him in the cool, nighttime air. I wanted him to feel nothing but the heat in my mouth, sucking him in deeper and deeper. Sucking him in and out, stroking his balls, I could feel him losing control but I didn’t stop. Deep, sucking strokes on his cock, I needed to have all of him. I could feel him stiffen and hear the soft moans of his pleasure as he came in my mouth, his juices flowing down the back of my throat, down the sides of my mouth, swallowing the sweet saltiness of him I stood up smiling at him, looking into his eyes.

Months of service, duty, honor tightened inside him, he had read her on screen words for the last six months, nothing, not even climax, could make him not want to taste her wetness. He pushed her back to the soft white sofa in the corner of the room, spread her legs wide and buried his face deep into her pink mound. Like honey syrup, her juices were warm and sweet. His tongue licked her clit back and forth beating its own rhythm, her hips rose to meet his licks, sometimes he placed his full tongue on her, other times he barely touched her with the tip, teasing her to give himself time to become hard again. When he felt her clit was properly tortured with his tongue, he pushed his tongue into her, making it as long and hard as he could, pushing it in, out, in, out – watching her squirm trying to get him deep inside her was all it took.

He lifted up and as he was about to place his weight on her, she stopped him. Pushing him back on his knees she once again put her lips on the head of his cock, stroking it several times to bring him to full hardness. She pushed him back onto the other end of the sofa and turned, with her backside to him she placed a leg on each side and slid herself onto his hard, throbbing cock. Using her knees and thighs, keeping her back straight up, she rose and then slid back down his cock over and over. Moaning softly, to not wake the sleeping household, she put one hand in her mouth biting on the flesh, she was so wet and warm, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on without exploding in her. He reached around and grabbed her breast and pinched at her small pink nipple, she could no longer hold her moans – she came so hard that she could not hold herself upright. Seeing her struggle to retain her balance and continue pumping, he began thrusting his hips upward into her vibrating pussy. Letting out a low growl he spurt his cum into her a force so hard she felt every squirt.

Just as they were beginning to relax someone turned on the lights…

First Date

It’s about 80 degrees and sunny today, so how about we stop by the local chicken place and get fried chicken, coleslaw (they have the BEST coleslaw), French fries and a make pitcher full of margaritas. Then we’ll hop in the Camaro (yours) and take a drive to Harper’s Ferry and picnic by the water falls. You can wear your jeans and a tight t-shirt, with your boots and hat of course – no underwear, please. I’ll wear a pale blue cotton dress with some little flowers all over it, a white lace thong with no bra and bring a blanket and pillows so we can watch the sun set over the mountain. Sound good so far?

(You said yes.)

Good. We’ll find a place where it’s not too rocky in the park and put out the blanket. We’ll talk – because lord knows if we can communicate without an issue from this far away, it shouldn’t be difficult to make pleasant conversation – about nothing or everything or something in between. But there will be tension. Sexual tension. Is he going to make a move; am I going to make a move…and when? The food will be half eaten, the margarita pitcher will begin to empty (I hope I remembered the cups), and the tension will subside like there’s not a care in the world. Nothing exists outside of the blanket except the roar of the water hitting the rocks and sliding under the bridges, a slight breeze slipping through the trees and the sun hitting the jagged peaks of the mountains. Occasionally a bird will fly silently overhead. Then the wind blows through and my dress reveals just a peak of what’s underneath, and our casual conversation.

The heat of the early evening sun, the faint breeze and the margaritas have relaxed us. We’re both lying on the blanket you on the bottom with me alongside of you, my head nestled in that little spot just between your shoulder and chest, with an arm wrapped around you, you with an arm under your head and another wrapped around my back pulling me inward to you. We fall asleep, but not for long. You awaken to me unbuttoning your jeans and exposing your cock to the air just long enough for me to bend down and wrap my lips around the head. My mouth is still cool from the icy drink but you can feel the heat as my mouth takes you in little by little, inch by inch until nothing is left of you. I will lick my lips to keep them wet and move my head up and down your shaft, you can feel my tongue as it wraps around your cock slowly then faster then I slow again. Moving you deep in my mouth I pull you towards me to take you in deeper until I can’t breathe and need to pull back again. You’re so hard I can barely keep my lips wrapped around you as you begin to pump and moan, softly saying my name and God’s in the same breath, your hands on the back of my head holding yourself steady, your ass muscles clenched as you try to hold off just another minute, another second, until you explode squirting your cum into my mouth, on my face and into my hands.

I tuck my head back onto that soft spot between your shoulder and chest and watch the stars begin to twinkle in the dusk as the light of the moon has replaced the sunlight and sigh.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

His Remedy to My Writer's Block

Hey, Gorgeous. So, I was thinking since you have writer’s block maybe instead of creating a fantasy alone it would be easier if we created it together. I'll help you out. Close your eyes...oh, wait...ok. Just picture this, we are standing in front of each other, nothing is between us except clothing for now. I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. What are you wearing and what is the setting? I'm about to lean in and kiss you full on your lips, so now you can close your eyes. What would you like?

I’m wearing a cotton dress, my boots and nothing underneath. I’m responding to your kiss by leaning my body towards you and kissing you back, putting my hands around your neck…

I am running my hand across your cheek, sliding my fingers through your hair with one hand. My other hand is exploring your body VERY slowly. You are very sexy, Mama Cougar.

That other hand is making me feel all tingly, all the way to my boots…I respond by placing my hands under your t-shirt, slowly moving them up your back and scratching back down, around your sides and towards your stomach while pulling you even closer to me. My tongue is exploring your lips, your chin, your neck…

MMMM. That feels good, it’s been a long time since I've felt a woman’s soft touch. I move my hand down around your chest gently pinching your nipple. Traveling down around your hips I grab your ass pulling your into me as tightly as possible, kissing you harder. A kiss that could only mean one thing...fuck me.

My breath is getting hotter, and my heart is beating so hard you can feel it. I push your shirt upwards and you pull it over your head. I move downward to loosen your jeans and feel your hard cock in my hands, lightly and slowly stroking up and down.

I let out a sigh…you can feel me growing harder. Your hand is soft and warm. And you are turning me on so much it is almost unbearable, I can feel my cock aching for something close.

You life up my dress and put your hand between my legs. Your fingers caress my clit then gently slide in and out of my wetness.

I'm watching you moan. Your eyes roll back as I finger your deeper, then I very slowly pull my finger out, put it up to my lips and suck your juices off the tip. Mmmmm, that taste so good. I get on my knees and tuck beneath your skirt. I bury my head between your legs, shoving my tongue deep inside your sweet wet pussy. I want to taste your cum baby.

MMMM, my moans get deeper as you suck to make me cum, but I stop you. I want you inside me when I cum the first time, so I pull you up and turn away from you. I left my dress and lean forward placing my right hand on the side window of your car. You enter me from behind. I’m so wet for you that you slide right in and we begin pumping in rhythm. I put my hand between my legs and gently pull at your balls, while your fingers run circles around my clit, teasing and pumping…

I start pumping you slowly but deep; building harder and harder until you start screaming. I'm messaging your clit working in circle with my right hand with just a little bit of pressure, trying to make you explode on my cock. I want to feel you cum all over me. I can feel your pussy milking me with every thrust. I lick my left thumb and slowly and gently start to rim your ass until your give me permission to slip inside you. Working you pussy, your clit, and your ass at the same time you cannot possible last to much longer before I’ll need to support you.

As my moans turned into screams you can feel my muscles contract as I cum, warm and soft all over your hard, pumping cock.

I can feel your juices gushing over my shaft and the sensation it brings up my spine makes me cum violently, my body locking up and in a split second you can feel hot thick cum shooting inside you, soaking your soft pussy, coating every last inch inside your body. My body is still twitching from climaxing so hard as you start to grind your pussy on my cock trying to get more and more out of it. You want to feel that inside you baby?

Well, when you put it that way – yes! Now, can we take a nap and do it again soon?

You are asking my permission to take a nap? Sorry, but you were grinding on me, and that kept me you get no recovery time...I start to pump into your pussy again, softer this time. I start to fuck you hard, driving my cock deep inside trying to make you scream proving to you that you can cum over and over again.

I roll over onto my back and you slide your hard cock back into my dripping, wet pussy. I pull my legs up and wrap them around your neck.

I lean over you lifting your sexy ass up into the air, allowing me to drive into you deeper as you start to moan. I grab your hips and pull your body down hard onto my cock. Leaning forward to kiss you passionately, I can feel your warm body against mine, your breasts are pressed into my chest and I can feel them rocking back and forth as I fuck you.

Do you think you could catch a plane and come do this to me? I wouldn’t say no, really…

Soon, sweetheart, soon. I promise....that is, if you really want me.

Ode to a Trans Am

Today her hair was short and dark, whipping her in the face as the trees became a blur outside the car. Most of her life she'd been a dirty blonde. With her pale skin and light blue eyes, the blonde hair just felt good. "I should have been a blonde" was what she would tell her hairdresser. Light blonde hair on her arms and legs, even though she'd been shaving for years and her mother promised that once she started her hair would get darker and coarser. Once again, her mother was wrong. As a blonde she usually felt very sexy and desired. Dark hair today, the store left no time for the long trips to the hairdresser. Looking in the mirror she was reminded of Trinity from The Matrix, dark hair and light blue eyes, it was a good look for her -- one that was in line with her mood, look but don't touch. And looking was as far as most of men went. Now, she felt like the devil - evil, sexual, dying to just forget her worries, if only for a short drive.

She can't control her world - just her car. A 2000 Trans Am, a black hood with so many curves it could give a dead man a hard on. From the first time she washed this car, just a bucket of warm, soapy water with overflowing suds, a soft sponge and her hands - it made her wet between her legs. She never knew that washing a car would -- no, could be such a turn on. And this car, it was a turn on from the moment she saw it -- wrecked, bent, shattered and beautiful. She saw what it could be -- she had felt the same when she got divorced, she knew she could bring it back to life. Now that all the repairs were complete and she'd added a few specialties under the hood, it was perfect for her. A roaring LS1 engine with RAM air, custom dual exhaust that would awaken nature for miles, but it was the six-speed that made her purr - at times the car, and other times the driver.

It's a great day - her favorite kind of day; easily in the 90s with just a hint of a breeze. Knowing that she had no plans to get out of the car with a full tank of gas and ice water in the cup holder she wore her favorite short shorts and a man's black muscle shirt without her bra. She wanted to feel the sun beating down on all of her. If she could have she would have been naked. Downshifting to third at the straightaway on the old, winding country road she was snapped back into her seat. She hit 70....80....85, shifting to fourth, 90...100...115 before the next curve appeared. She loved the sound of the exhaust as it bounced off the fields of corn and wheat along the sides of the rural Maryland road. Downshifting for the curve she saw a tall, solidly built guy ahead beside his bike. She noticed his arms first - nice arms, the kind that holds a woman like he means it, hard and soft at the same time.

His helmet was off, he was absently kicking the back tire and rubbing his head, ruffling his military cut. He must be having some trouble she thought as she passed him by. If only she hadn't looked as he turned and locked his sleepy green eyes with hers. It took a split second, but it felt like hours. Hesitating for just a moment, she slowed...downshifting to third, then to second. What was she doing? She didn't pick up strange guys on the side of the road, it was dangerous. But...what if she just went back to ask if he needed some help. He looked young, maybe 24-25. She didn't recognize the plates on the bike, but then again her attention had been focused on the eyes. Turning the Trans Am around, she had decided she would just see if he was okay or maybe needed to make a call on her cell phone.

"Hey there" she said as she pulled up beside him. "Need a hand?" For a moment she thought she saw surprise in his eyes, perhaps surprise that she had returned or perhaps that someone had actually stopped to help.

"Nice car" he said.

"Thanks. Do you need some help?"

"No. Just stopped to get a drink and rest for a minute. Is this your car? It's beautiful."

"Yeah, it's my addiction - fast cars."

" does it handle? Good around the curves?"

Smiling slightly she replied, "Sure is."

"I have one at home, but it's been a while since I've been home. Mind if I have a seat in yours?"

"No, go ahead."

What am I doing, she thought as he slid his hard body into her driver's seat. She couldn't help but lick her lips when she saw the way his pants fit around his ass. As he slid around she got a glimpse at the bulge in the front of his jeans. He turned on the radio, Aerosmith's version of Come Together beat from the speakers, matching the throbbing that was beginning between her legs. Ummmm...something I could sink my teeth into, she thought. As she was lost in her own thoughts she suddenly noticed that he was looking into her eyes again. Not speaking he slid the seat all the way back and looked at her, it was an invitation. She sucked in her bottom lip with her teeth, her heart felt as if it were going to beat out of her chest. Another car slowly drove by, not stopping, not looking. Suddenly she felt scared, like a rabbit that held its head out of the hole just a moment too long while the eagle soars above. Smiling, he said, "It'll be okay, I promise. You come first." He held his hand out to her.

She slid her left leg over, placing her knee on the cushion of the seat between his thighs and the gear shift knob, her right leg wrapped behind the seat. He placed his face between her breasts, licking the salty sweat that was falling between them. His hands reached under her tight black shirt - her nipples were erect and wanting, wanting his hands, fingers, lips - it didn't matter as long as he touched her. He cupped both breasts in his hands and began lightly pinching the pink tips of her nipples. She moaned softly at first, but as he increased the pressure she couldn't help but let heavier, deeper moans leave her throat. Now she was so wet he could see the moisture below her mound. In response he slid his right hand onto her thigh, barely touching her. She thought she was going to lose her mind - couldn't he see what he was doing to her? What is he waiting for? Her body arched as he touched her between her legs. He lid his fingers in and out, gently rubbing her clit until it was hard and pulsating. She came so quick and hard that she couldn't stop her throaty screams.

She couldn't wait any longer to hold him, to touch him like he'd touched her. Grabbing the waist of his pants she felt his cock before she'd reached the first button. He was so large and hard, taking care of her had turned him on like he'd never felt before. Her experienced hands pulled the zipper down and wrapped her fingers around the shaft so quickly he couldn't do anything but let her. Her other hand pulled at his shirt until his chest was exposed. One hand sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue licked his nipples until they were erect. Grabbing a nipple in her teeth, she gently sucked it in while circling it with her tongue. His breath was getting faster and his hips began to buck and then stiffen. Harder and faster, she stroked his cock, sliding her hand up and down, increasing the speed while she bit at his nipple. She could feel him losing control, so she slid back as far as she could to the steering wheel, bending down and taking his gorgeous throbbing cock into her mouth. She slid her glossed lips up and down, sucking in his juices as wave after wave of orgasm racked through his body.

Swallowing and licking her lips she pulled back and took in the warm breeze. Had anyone seen them? Did she really care? The world had stopped outside of the car. Sweat covered them both. Neither of them said a word, she looked into his eyes again and could see that he was not done yet. She knew she still had a void that needed to be filled, but with the force he had come she didn't expect his hardness to return so soon. Licking her lips again she bent and took his cock in her mouth sucking, licking and playing with the head until he was harder than before. He lifted her off of him and placed her outside the car. Taking her hand he walked her to the back of the car. Turning her around he bent her over the spoiler and placed his head between her legs.

As she grabbed the spoiler with both hands, resting her head on the brake light his tongue began to circle her clit until she was once again moaning and begging him to take her. And she didn't care how or who saw. He stood and rubbed his cock between her legs, collecting her wetness when slowly and deliberately with one thrust he was deep inside her. The wet warmth rushed over them both, sliding his cock in and out of her until she felt he could hold it no longer, his cock was so hard and large filling her every need or want, together they came - her knees buckled as she lay, tired and spent over the spoiler of her car.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting to Know You...Before the Fall ("BTF")

I don’t know you – I know that over the internet I’m sexually attracted to you, but don’t know that it will be that way in person. And there’s no way to tell – fifteen minutes in my driveway wouldn’t tell me that. It would tell me you’re cute, it would tell me you smell good, it would tell me if you had a hard on, but whether or not we’d actually be able to stand each other for more than 24-hours, nope – it wouldn’t tell me that.

Today I’m in Maryland and you are in Iraq. My plan is to email you today, and if I wake up tomorrow – I’ll email you again. If you show up at my door, we’ll take whatever next step we want to take when it happens. No planning here. When I plan, I plan to be disappointed – how about you?

I understand that there needs to be feelings there, but how much do you want to get to know me? I'm learning a lot about you. Example, as nice as your boyfriend is, you never fell in love with him because the two of you are not each other's type. Well from what I can tell you and I are each others type. What's to stop you from falling after you get to know me?

Today, there’s 4,500 miles preventing this from happening, when you come back home there will be 1,000 miles…long distance relationships rarely work, someone has to move. I can’t move, you can’t move (unless ordered to do so) – making the scenario highly unlikely that either of us will fall for the other. Warm flesh trumps emails every day of the week.

Now, tell me what will keep you from falling for me (I hadn’t even considered that a possibility before)?

In a nut shell, all those things I emailed you last kids, my career, your business, me moving around a lot....those things.

See, so what do we have to worry about? You’re not going to fall for me, I’m not going to fall for you – we’ll just lust after each other from a distance and wonder what if…