Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Promise

"Really, I don't know about this" I said as I headed toward the car. "I'm truly not attracted to women. I don't understand why you want me to be with another woman -- what would this do for you?"

"I don't know, I just think it would be hot. I think you're sexually repressed and that this would 'relax' you a little bit. You know, it won't be that bad - you wouldn't have to do anything."

There is no freaking way, I thought as I closed the door on my sleek, sexy car. Sliding it into first gear I couldn't imagine what he was thinking. I didn't even like women as friends, why would I ever entertain them in my bed. I was just getting used to having a female gynecologist.

"Okay, okay. But you have to find the girl. It's your fantasy, you take care of the details and I'll just make sure to show up on time."

"When? When can you do this? How long will it be?" he asked. I could see the surprise in his eyes that he'd finally gotten me to agree.

"January, after my holiday rush dies down." I had resigned myself to agreeing. If he was going to do the legwork and I just had to show up, how bad could it be? Besides, an orgasm was an orgasm was an orgasm.

The weeks went by and for the most part I had absolved myself of thinking about the promise. Occasionally he would remind me by saying "have you found a girl for us yet?" To which I would reply, "It's your fantasy, you find her."

"We need to go out. We need to find a club or a dance joint. One look at your ass and you'll have women crawling all over you."

I doubted it.

Unexpectedly I had the opportunity to close early one evening in the early spring and we decided to head to DC and have some fun. It had been so long since I had the opportunity to even go out that I ran by the house and showered and changed out of my normal jeans and t-shirt uniform. By the look in his eyes when he arrived, I'm glad I did.

A short, black skirt with a white button up oxford, unbuttoned to my navel to show my bright red Victoria's Secret push up bra, and a matching pair of bright red FMPs to cradle my arches. With just a bit of mousse to sweep my hair off my face, lots of very black mascara and eyeliner to showcase my baby blues; I could see this would be an eventful evening.

We joked and laughed like old times while driving into town, lazily looking for parking in the thin, dirty streets - like looking for a needle in a haystack. Secrets had just recently moved and the new location was jumping. I loved to dance, and this was definitely the club for dancing. What I didn't remember is that it was also a gay club; at least I didn't remember it until the women began looking at me like he was when he arrived at the house.

Well, two margaritas and I'd be relaxed enough to do just about anything, so I gathered my courage and headed to the bar. "Perfect margarita on the rocks, please." The bartender handed me the salt rimmed drink, I took a sip to find it perfect, as ordered, so we headed to find a table.

Setting our drinks down on what appeared to be an empty table we were surprised when a group of three women came over and said that the table was theirs. They said that they didn't mind if we stayed, so we did. One of them was a short redhead with freckles and glasses, reminded me of Velma from Scooby Doo, another had very short nearly black hair with dark brown eyes. She wasn't wearing any make-up and I could only assume she was "Velma's" partner by her protective arm around her shoulder, as well as the menacing look she shot my way before sitting down. The third woman wasn't obviously gay; tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes -- she had a California girl look to her. Her body was in great shape like she probably worked out, or she was just blessed with good genes. She sat to my left, my boyfriend sitting to my right. I could feel her eyes look me over - I imagined it was to figure out why we would be at a lesbian bar, but she didn't ask.

Boyfriend didn't say much during introductions, but we did find that their respective names were Jackie, Jessica and Ava. All three of them lived in DC and were frequent customers of Secrets, which led me to believe that Ava was also either gay or bi, and didn't seem to be attached to Jackie and Jessica other than friends.

A favorite song came blaring over the speakers near our heads and Ava and I both said "I love this song! Let's dance." She was saying this to me as I was saying it to him.

Innocently he looked at me and said, "You know I don't like to dance. Go dance with Ava, she needs a partner."

"Um, okay." I said, knowing exactly what he was thinking, but what was I thinking? Well, I suppose she's more feminine than I had imagined, but did it really matter anyway? He seemed to think she'd fit the bill, so let's dance and see how the evening goes. If I'm comfortable with her, then why not?

We pushed our way onto the dance floor and found a spot near the middle where we could squeeze in. Closing my eyes I felt the beat of the music, and had begun to feel my inhibitions fall away as the tequila began to relax me. Sliding my hips from side to side, elbows at my side and hands swaying in front of me she matched my movements so that we were dancing in unison. After the song was over another one began and we stayed on the dance floor - I had noticed we had begun to attract a bit of attention as other women began moving away from us and watching as we moved to the erotic beats. Thirsty and sweating after the second song, we decided to go back to the table to our order another round of drinks and grab a few napkins to wipe off.

I could see his eyes when we returned, smiling, knowing that we had found what he had come looking for. Ava and I talked into the evening about my work, hers, finding out we had mutual acquaintances in the area and simply getting along. I also found that, like me, she had a love of fast cars and speed. When we started talking about horsepower, carburetors and tension rods my boyfriend knew I was caught, hook, line and sinker.

I needed to take a quick trip to the bathroom and when I returned to the table I saw my boyfriend talking to Ava, her shaking her head in agreement to what he was saying, they stopped talking when I arrived at the table.

"What's up?" I asked, already knowing what was being discussed.

"We were thinking that it's getting close to closing time and we'd like to take this party back home. Jackie and Jess need to work tomorrow so they won't be coming, but Ava said we could go back to her place."

"Oh. Okay." which in 'Natasha' language means, I know what you're up to and while I'm cautious, I think this is fine for now. I'll keep you posted if I change my mind.

He continued, "You're going to ride with Ava and I'll follow." He knew he'd better handle it this way so I wouldn't be able to change my mind on the way...slick bastard.

I was quite inebriated as I headed to our new found friend's car. She was quite beautiful. In my imagination, my lesbian experience was going to be with a very butch woman, someone more like a man than woman. But then again, this was not my fantasy, this was his. We arrived at a newer Jaguar sports car, sleek and black, simply put - something I would love to own.

As we began maneuvering the DC side streets she placed her hand on my knee and slowly slid her hands up and down. At first her touch startled me and while I could tell she felt me pull away, she left her hand on my thigh and continued to pet my smooth, freshly shaved leg. The radio was on loud and she was driving fairly fast, and since I was a bit beyond nervous I didn't say much and she didn't seem to mind.

Within a few minutes we were in front of a DC rowhouse with a garage situated underneath. The rowhouse was typical for the area, brick with bright red shutters, a set of about five or so stairs leading to a quaint front porch that looked very welcoming. The garage door opened and she pulled the Jaguar in and shut the door. I saw the lights behind us letting me know that the boyfriend was still close by.

We went into the house and Ava let the boyfriend in the front door.

"Can I get either of you something to drink? she asked while turning her stereo on.

I was already feeling pretty good and figured why not. I leaned back onto her olive green sofa, pillows tossed behind my head. Boyfriend sat on a chair facing the bar where Ava poured him an ice water. Ava tasted my drink as she brought it over to me saying "Um, tastes perfect to me, tell me if it's okay with you." As I began to drink from the glass she sat next to me and began running her hands up my thigh, under my short skirt. I could feel my heart begin to pound harder, but trying to not make a big deal out of the situation I ignored her and continued to take a drink, a very large one.

I put my glass down and placed my hands over hers and pulled them further up my skirt, then over my skirt and under my shirt. The boyfriend didn't make a move. He could have been watching a porn movie by the look on his face. Ava unbuttoned one button, then another on my shirt opening it slowly with her fingers, exposing my blood red bra. Placing her hands on either side of my chest she leaned forward, head between -- and begins to slid her tongue into the crease of flesh between them. Slowly she pulls one side down and begins to lick circles around my nipple, then moves to the other side. I should be moving...I should move away...I want to pull back, but I can't. My chest heaving, my clit pounding, I don't want her to stop. I want her to change her focus to the pulsating flesh between my legs. I want her to pull my skirt up, over my hips - I want her to touch me...I want her to touch me right...there.

My eyes are closed as I slide into the turned on place I can't turn back from. She looks into my eyes and says quietly, "Is this okay? Are you alright?" I moan softly and adjust my body so that my legs are on the couch, one over the back of the pillows, my foot touching the floor, my shoes kicked to the side. Her hands find their way between my legs, as she pulls her fingers over the silky material I feel as if one stroke will take me over the edge.

Suddenly I feel lips on mine, I slowly open my eyes and see my boyfriend's face. His hands have taken over where hers left off, one breast, then the other. Ava has moved lower and is sliding both hands up and down my thighs while breathing her hot breath through my panties. He slides his hands down and pulls the underwear to the side exposing my moist, pink, throbbing pussy. I hold onto both of Ava's wrists, pulling her forward until her face rests just below my mound. Smiling up at me she bows her head and begins slowly licking my clit, circling the throbbing nub with her hot tongue. My moaning increases as she takes me into her mouth, sucking me while her tongue finds its way into my pussy walls.

I remember that my boyfriend is still working on my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers in unison with her sucks and reach between his legs to find him hard and moist with precum, his pants pushed down to his knees as he's crouched on the floor. I pull him towards me and begin to suck on him as she tongue fucks me. Tightening the walls of my pelvic area I begin to orgasm, squirting my cum into Ava's mouth, bucking my hips I lose complete control and spasm several times before pushing both of them away.

"Oh, my God. That was incredible!" I said as I pushed myself back up on the couch. I could see Ava looking over at the boyfriend and his very hard and ready cock and told her, "He's yours for a few minutes. Do what you want."

She replied, "Sure you don't mind? I don't want to keep you from anything - I don't mind watching."

"No, he can go for hours - he's always been a little too much for me. Go ahead and have some fun while I rest for round two."

Leaning over she pulled his dick with her pussy cum wet hands and then leaned down and began circling his balls with her tongue. Her tongue was magic, I could see his eyes begin to roll back, closing as he groaned and pushed his hand into my thigh. Wanting to elevate his pleasure I put my hand between his legs and began running my fingers over his ass from his back, sliding them lightly to his saliva covered balls. Ava's lips were making a ring around the tip of his cock, her hands sliding up and down, then looking into my eyes she slid his dick down her throat until her nose touched below his belly button, and then back out again. I could see his breath quicken, could feel his muscles tighten when suddenly he opened his eyes and looked at me. He gently pushed Ava back, stood and took my hand.

Pulling me up, the three of us walked over to the bar. He turned me around and told me to hold onto the edge. Now behind me I felt his hands roaming from my wet cunt to my ass, lubricating my hole as he stroked back and forth. Ava slid in front of me with her back to the bar and began kissing my neck, sliding her hands around my breasts, pinching at my nipples as he pushed his throbbing cock into my tight hole. Ava drifted down my stomach until her tongue once again began teasing my clit. I held my lips open so that she had access to every part of my flesh as he was pumping behind me. I was so wet the moisture from between my legs began dripping onto my thighs. Ava pushed her fingers up my inner thigh, through the slippery nectar and began finger fucking me. My boyfriend's hands were alternately stroking my sides, then my tits, then pinching my nipples while he pushed and pulled himself in and out of me, while Ava's fingers worked their magic in unison with her mouth, her hot tongue sliding from my clit, around her fingers to his balls as they slapped against her chin. My pleasure was coming from so many places, I didn't know if it was his extra hard cock in my ass with her fingers double pumping me as I'd never been pumped before, or her tongue expertly circling while sucking my clit, a second wave of orgasms hit me. Behind me I felt him tighten and cry out, "oh, fuck!" as he exploded inside me.