Saturday, June 27, 2009

The End

Well, there I was and there you were. Neither of us spoke. I can only imagine what you were thinking, but I know that I've gone out of my way to make the first move enough times that it's your turn. You can let me know when it's my turn to drive again.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Last One He Wrote for Me

It has been a long day. I knew he would be waiting for me at home when I arrived, but that didn't stop me from being extremely frustrated that I couldn’t get anyone to cover the studio.

He practically had to put me in my car this morning to make me leave the house. It was unbelievable that I had managed to vacate the other household members for the weekend and finally, after months, then the last eight hours that seemed even longer... I was going to walk through my front door and into my new lover's arms. Pulling onto the road I lived on, my heart was pounding through my chest. I dropped into second as I made the left onto my road, six police officers lived on my short street so I didn’t dare speed, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t wishing I could. Climbing out of the car with my laptop and purse, I was anxious to get inside.

As I walked through the open front door, I found him in the kitchen wearing black shorts and dog tags. Hmmm, easy access I thought as I took the last two steps towards his back and playfully placed both hands firmly on his ass. He turned his head toward me and smiling he swatted me away. His eyes melted my heart, long before they looked into mine.

Catching my wrist he turned and placed his hands over my head and pushes me back towards the fridge. He placed firm, passionate kisses on my lips as he pressed his body against mine. As he slipped his tongue between my lips I began to grind into his pelvis. I could feel that his pleasure through his shorts. I need my hands back, I want to slide down on my knees right here on my kitchen floor to take care of him, but he has a different idea. Picking me up he cradles my body to his chest while continuing to kiss me with his lips and tongue. My arms fall softly behind his neck, my hands, soft and warm, slide from the base of his neck into his short, soft hair.

Gently he carries me into the dark sunroom – the television plays softly in the background, I can barely hear it as I am lost in the face of my lover. He hasn’t spoken a word since I walked through the door, and I don’t know if I can speak with my lips being devoured by his with every breath.

He puts me down in a large arm chair and slides around so that I’m between his legs. My ass slid into him as close as I can get, wishing I could push myself into his skin. He holds me tight into his warm, hard body. I can feel his erection pushing into my back; ummm, the things I know are coming from him make me so wet I can feel the cotton soaking through in the black lace panties I picked this morning, just for this moment.

I wiggle into his hardness trying to give him the hint that I'm ready, but he doesn't take it. I know he’s teasing me. Instead of pressing back, he sits me up and spins me away from him. I lean back toward him and he hands me the remote. As I begin surfing through the channels, he starts to give me a deep massage starting at my shoulders and neck...slowly he works out the kinks of the day. At every knot he stops and kisses me softly before and after rubbing the tenseness from my muscles. His hands worked like magic across my body. Slowly moving his way down, he worked his way to my lower back and hips. Moans escape my lips as he finds my spot.

Knowing that I’m getting wetter by the second, he smoothly runs his hands up my sides making sure to graze the sensitive skin on my breast. Sliding my shirt up on the way, he throws it on the floor and unclasps my bra with one hand. The other hand goes across my chest, gently pulling me back against his body. The heat from his skin erases the chill of my nakedness and I find myself melting into him. He starts massaging my chest. Wrapping his arms underneath mine and hugging me tightly to his body I can feel his strong arms holding me with the love and tenderness that no other man has shown me in a very long time. His rough, leathery hands softened to silk as they traced the outline of my collarbone where he begins to massage the front of my bare shoulders. Turning his head toward me, breathing heavily into my ear, his full lips barely kiss at my neck.

My breathing, labored and short, I was willing to give him anything he desired. Sucking my earlobe into his lips, his hands moved southward, caressing my breasts then down across my belly. Slowly he begins to rub his hands over my tight jeans sending shivers through my body. Oh, how I crave him, how I want to have him closer. He can feel my desire burning through my entire body, sees it burning in my eyes.

Slowly undoing my jeans, I lift myself up so he can slide my jeans down. He whispers something about my ‘long, beautiful, smooth legs.’ As I sit back down I am reminded of how hard he is as I press myself back into his thick cock. Now I was only two layers away. His hands go immediately back to that hot, wet spot between my thighs. He can feel how slick my panties are, the air around his hand had a certain thickness about it. My moans become louder as he increases the pressure just slightly. Moving his fingers in a clockwise position I begin to move my hips in the opposite direction. Holding his arm around my chest, pulling to his body, alternating between breathing in my ear to licking and suckling on my earlobe then to kissing my neck,and then back to breathing heavily in my ear.

My frustration was so intense that I placed my hand on top of his and guided him inside my panties until his fingertip brushed against my clit sending shivers down my spine. He slid his middle finger down slowly then up my lips until my clit was harder than before. Dipping He dipped his finger into my opening and used my nectar to slide back up lubricating every fold. Repeating this several times without going deeper than the tip of his finger or applying any deep pressure to me, I thought I would have to demand to be taken care of. Just as I opened my mouth to say so, I felt his hand on my cheek turning my face to his.

Kissing me deeply his tongue slides over mine in warm wet kisses, at the same time I feel his fingers plunge into my body sending bolts of electricity up and down simultaneously. I throw my leg over the armrest to give him more room to get deeper inside and start to slide from his grip. Increasing the pressure between his legs and holding me tightly he lifts me back toward him, not once parting his lips from mine.

As he places his palm down I instinctively begin to grind my pelvis into his hand. The overwhelming stimulation from his hands, his fingers and his lips is sends me into an orgasm I can’t control. I can feel the tension building in my body, my hips begin to quiver. I stop kissing him to let out my moans of ecstacy throughout the house. Feeling my climax he applies more pressure and whispers my ear, “Good girl. Come for me, Baby." My entire body begins to twitch, my moans caught in my throat as climax after climax rips through my body. Bucking and twitching he holds onto me and makes me ride the orgasm out until I beg him to stop from the sensitivity. As he grants my wish I fall against his body, the only thing keeping me from sliding to the floor were his arms holding me tightly in place. Holding me like he would never let me go, I close my eyes and savor the moment, slowly drifting to sleep in my lover’s arms.

(Originally written by him, slightly rewritten by me.)