Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tell Me the Details

"So, what did you do last night?" he'd ask me in his emails knowing full well it was our ritualistic Saturday night date night -- restaurant for dinner, check! Margaritas to start the wind down process, check! Then heated sex for the grand finale, check!

"You know, you could take a picture of you going down on him -- maybe with you looking up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes," he'd say. "...only if you're comfortable telling me about it or sending me a picture."

I had the pictures. I had plenty of them, but I never sent them. They were too personal. I didn't understand why you would want to see me with another man -- didn't understand it at all. So, now I'll tell you -- now that you don't read what I write.

It's a typical Saturday night. He tells me that I fuck better when I drink, so he buys me whatever I want. Tonight I started off with a Tequila Sunrise -- not my usual Margarita, because I don't want to be "usual." The bartender is cute and the drink was her suggestion. She said to try a Tequila Sunrise, she made it fairly strong, and since I hadn't had anything to eat all day long, it wasn't long before I had a bit of a buzz. Not to tempt fate, I decided that a beer on tap would be okay to have with dinner and would help enhance the buzz. Besides, I wanted to make sure that I fucked him good this Saturday night. It had been a couple of months since I'd truly been in the mood to fuck him good or to get fucked good for that matter.

You know the fuck I'm talking about, the one where you swear to God, wake the neighbors and find wet spots on and around the bed for hours? That's the fuck I'm talking about.

Now, you maybe thinking - wet spots on and around the bed for hours, that's pretty wet. Well, this is what I discovered this past year after being exposed to porn movies (yes, I didn't watch porn until very recently - albeit I did awaken from a very drunken slumber at the age of 18 to the slurps of Deep Throat). Anyway, I saw women squirt. Now, I didn't think much of it at first -- looks a bit messy actually, then after some very deep conversation I remembered that when I hit puberty and would masturbate, I squirted. Being extremely "proper" I actually had the willpower to stop squirting and completely turn my fountain of juice off from the age of about 16. Little did I know that it could be turned back on with a little bit of relaxation.

So, only a couple of months later and to some degree I have been able to stop controlling my orgasm enough to squirt again. Now, it's a bit freaky to me -- and I hate messes, so when I masturbate it includes lots of towels and the pretense of aiming -- yeah, right. Whether this is fortunate or unfortunate, it means that my bed is oft times wet in weird places, and that I have to explain how I left my shower towel on the bed at works, go figure.

So, at 45 I've become a squirter. Now, when it comes to sex with him, I only recall squirting two times. The first time was the best -- I had already climaxed uncontrollably while he was fucking me in the ass, and I had him stay in while I played with my favorite dildo and got DP'd by them both. I was on the bed on all fours, ass high in the air with his hands placing an occasional stinging slap right on the cheek (usually I would mind, but I was so into the sex I didn't feel a thing). The dildo was vibrating so fast on my clit and the rotating steel balls in the shaft of the dildo were spinning around hitting my g-spot perfectly, and he was pounding my ass, all in this perfect rhythm.

I was cumming so hard, screaming through the orgasm, trying to catch the fluids squirting from my pussy in my hand but my hand just wasn't big enough. The whole time saying, 'I'm squirting, oh, my God, I'm squirting.' The sad thing is that I was imagining getting fucked by my boyfriend and my military cub, not just enjoying the moment with my boyfriend. Imaginations are a great thing.

Ultimately, I came so hard I broke the dildo with my cunt muscles. When my boyfriend saw the mangled flesh colored shaft bent completely in half (think "L" shaped) he said, "I am so glad I was in your ass, I think you would have broken me!" I couldn't stop laughing. In one night I had experienced one of very few multi-orgasmic evenings, broken my favorite dildo and squirted for the first time in nearly 30 years. It was a very good night. I slept great that night, he was scared after that night.

Back to this past Saturday evening. So, I had a few drinks with dinner, then didn't quite feel buzzed enough, so I asked him to stop and get a six-pack on the way home. Now, most women might want something sweet, some wine, some exotic drink -- I don't like the taste of alcohol, and I hate hangovers, so I stuck with the beer and hoped for the best. I knew wine would give me a headache. We got home and I cracked another top, watched a little of a movie I can't even recall and I played.

If you could see my face, you'd see a smile, or maybe a smirk on it right now. I kept telling him, "Come on, let me suck you. You can take your pants off in here. Why don't you get comfortable and let me eat you up? You know you want to be in my mouth. Didn't you tell me how much you like my blowjobs now? You call me a professional at blowjobs and tell me all the time I must be practicing. Don't you want to feel how much better I am at it than last time? I bet I can swallow you down my throat." Oh, I kept on and on until he unzipped his pants and pulled his rock hard cock out. Ha, ha - I gotcha now.

I placed my mouth just over the head of his cock, sliding my tongue around the rim over and over until I could feel his hips start to push forward, he was aching for me to wrap my mouth around him, but still I didn't. I pulled his head out of my mouth and cradled his balls in my hands, sliding my fingers around them softly, cupping them in three fingers while my thumb and forefinger wrapped around his shaft stroking him. I licked my fingers so they would slide up and down his shaft and when it looked like he was going to adjust his body to get away from me I put his entire cock down my throat, sliding it up and down, my tongue sliding around. He moaned and it was his turn to find God that evening.

"You're like a professional" he kept saying, which just urged me to take him down deeper and let him push harder. Suddenly he pushed my mouth away. "No, I won't be able to last like this, you have to stop."

I just smiled and said, "Okay. So, now what do you want to do?" my lips wet and shiny from sliding them over his hard prick I wiped them on the back of my pre-cum wet hand.

"Let's go to bed. It's my turn to eat you alive."

Heading toward the bedroom I dumped out what was left of my beer, not wanting to dull any of my senses no matter how he thought he liked me when I fucked him.

Taking off my jeans and shirt I was wearing dark, teal blue lace boyshorts with a lavender lace bra. I'm 5'9" and about 160 lbs, not fat by any stretch, but not exactly porn star skinny either. My best assets at this weight are my ass and tits, and he loves them both although probably not equally as he's an ass-man. My hair is very dark brown, a messy short cut that will never hang like it's supposed to, freckles across my nose and shoulders. I have huge light blue eyes with dark long lashes, and yes, I can look into your soul when I try. I've been told I look like Nicole Kidman, Pat Benatar or the actress that played Trinity in The Matrix. Even at 45 I get routinely propositioned, but I typically don't even know it's happening until someone tells me. Gullible is what my ex-husband would say.

Anyway, I head over to the bed and lay on my back. Boyfriend lays on top of me and begins sliding his tongue around my lips, to my earlobes, down my neck, my shoulders until he finds a nipple, where he decides to nibble for a bit. His hands are sliding all over my body never spending a discernible moment in one spot long enough to identify with it, until he reaches between my legs. Sliding my shorts over, I am so wet he can slide three fingers into my pussy.

"Damn, you're wet" he says. "You like this, don't you?"

Um, yeah. He continues to explore my body with his tongue until he reaches my clit. He keeps my panties on, just keeping them slid to one side, then he does what I love, he sucks my clit into his mouth like my clit is a little cock. Over and over he's sucking me in and out of his hot mouth, his fingers have found their way to my rim and he's got one hand sliding around my ass while the other is playing in my cunt, "uh, uhhhh, ughhhhhhh" I screamed as I came in his mouth, my fingers clawing into the bed sheets until I could hear them tear. I could hear him slurping to keep up with my cum but never stopping so the orgasm wasn't interrupted and I could ride it completely out. I finally had to push him away from me I was so sensitive. I didn't want to end the night yet, but I would need a break even if it was only for a moment.

I pushed him back onto the bed and climbed over him, since nothing tops off a good oral session better than pumping over a hard cock until you can orgasm again. I slide him into my hot, wet hole and rode him hard. I could feel his cock getting so hard that I was tearing my cunt, the whole time him saying, "do you feel how hard you make me, do you feel it?" After a few minutes he pushed me away from him and said, get on all fours. Of course, I obeyed -- doggie style is my favorite position. He was behind me and getting ready to push himself in when I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass.

He grabbed a bottle of oil and began lubing me up, sliding a hand around his hard cock and slowly slid into me. I began pushing back onto him harder and harder until he was in and sure he could enjoy himself without hurting me. Sliding in and out I used my right hand to massage my clit and exploded for a second time while he was riding my ass, telling me how great I felt and asking me if I felt how large he was. And he was so very large - and even harder than he was large.

Finally spent from the waves of orgasm and tired, I got a towel and cleaned him off a bit and decided to go back where I started. Putting my mouth around his used, large, hard cock I deep throated him, swallowing his entire cock down. Sliding my tongue around him, sucking him in and out, my hands grasping around his shaft sliding in rhythm with my mouth, sucking harder and harder until I thought my jaw would break, until he came in forceful squirts in my mouth, me gulping each and every squirt down like it was desert, licking him clean of every drop of cum and then looking up at him smiling, wondering how you would have liked that picture.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ms. Horny & Mr. Interesting - Final Chapter

It was the end of the week and Ms. Horny had just secured a very significant contract. She was very much looking forward to meeting her friends in the Upper Echelon as they usually did on Friday nights. A quick trip home, a shower and now here she stood squeaky clean, smelling like a summer breeze. She was dressed in a tight colorful top with a flowing collar and showing ample cleavage, along with a black skirt that parked itself about six inches above her thigh. The same style skirt she wore to work nearly everyday. Once she found something that worked for her, whether it was clothes or people, she stuck to it. She knew what she wanted and was a pro at getting exactly that and no less. Beneath her skirt she carefully slid her long legs into nude thigh highs and topped them with a white lace thong. Her gorgeous legs were made considerably more shapely and long when she slid her elegantly pedicured toes into a pair of 5” FMPs that screamed, "Take Me Now!"

She pulled into the driveway at her boss' home where everyone had talked about meeting earlier. It seemed that some people hadn't arrived yet so the party was beginning in the basement game room. She had been at the house many times at parties and family events for her boss and knew her way around and felt comfortable making herself at home. After walking around and greeting the other coworkers with the normal pleasantries she take a minute to make herself a quick drink while waiting for the last person to arrive.

Within minutes they were all headed out the door to go to their usual spot, a dance club just outside of town. It was typical of them to carpool so that as many people as possible could drink with just one or two designated drivers to take over when it was time to go home. Tonight, Ms. Horny wasn't feeling much into joining them so she decided to drive her favorite black on black Trans Am.

It was a beautiful machine that had so much power, it could only mildly rivaled by the sexy owner. It was as if the car was made for her. If you thought she was sexy on a normal day to day basis, you must have never seen her slide those long, gorgeous legs out from under the steering wheel one at a time while turning to get out of the car. Sometimes I believe she gave all the floor technicians a quick glimpse of her slick panties on purpose before bringing her knees together, an evilly delicious smile spread wide across her face. It was common knowledge to anyone that truly knew her that driving the car turned her on to a point where she couldn't get out of it dry if she'd wanted to. Tonight was no different.

Pulling into the front of the club she was already feeling her namesake running through her body, a warming feeling in her thighs was building with throbbing anticipation of the evening. Getting out of the car very slowly she spread her legs open to step out of the car then running her fingers from the door down the curves of the fender before stepping away. Walking towards the building, swishing her hips, every man in line stared at her regardless of who they had with them. Occasionally one would get a swat from their date as their jaw dropped. While she never made eye contact with anyone, you can be sure she was completely aware of the reaction. She couldn’t help but smirk as she walked right into the club without bothering to stand in line.

Once inside Ms. Horny she sat down with the rest of the group, being handed a margarita by the all knowing bartender a few moments later. After finishing off the margarita she decided it was time to dance. The conversation was boring and nothing she hadn't heard before - government contracts, ROI, the next RFQ, cost analysis -- that was the bad part of going out with those you work with -- you really never got away from work.

On the dance floor she was a goddess, Aphrodite would have been jealous. She looked so hot in her tight black skirt, swaying and bumping her body to the beat. Shimmying to the floor her skirt slid up her thighs so you could see the thin white cloth covering her mound. Every guy in at the bar stared, wishing they could get her away, even for a minute. She loved the power she had over men. She liked to flaunt it everywhere she went. On her way up from the floor she made sure she opened her knees to allow all the men to see her temple. She arched her back to stick her ass and chest out. Smiling maliciously as she slowly rose from the floor. Every guy was hard. And she could take her pick and they would beg for her.

She walked off the floor and to the bar to order her next margarita. Standing at the bar was a tall man who seemed to be having a hard time getting the bartender's attention. She waited patiently, but teased the men who'd been watching her dance by leaning over just a little to far. Waiting, she started to look over the tall man, sizing him up. He was about 6’1", dark hair, toned but not huge, with arms that she loved -- you know, the kind that you could sleep all night in before getting kicked out in the morning.

"Who do I have to flash to get a drink around here?” he shouted over the crowd.

Her ears perked up, the voice was so familiar, but where did she know it from? It was so hard to hear it clearly over the music. He was boyishly cute, certainly cute enough to take home tonight -- besides, he had a pretty good sense of humor it seemed.

“I’ll bite,” she thought to herself. Then, out loud, “Tell you what, you show yours, I’ll show mine, we’ll see who gets served first.”

Slowly, he turned. Oh my, what is HE doing here? she quickly composed herself.

“Good evening Mr. Interesting,” she swallowed and regained her usual composure, “Enjoying yourself this evening?”

“Yes I am, Ms. Horny. It's been a while since I had a night off and while work seems to be much more, um, fun, recently I haven't had the opportunity to go out since I can’t remember. So, having a night off I thought I'd head to the club and watch some young, stupid, twenty-something shake her ass. And, since I have the night off, I'm John off the clock, not Mr. Interesting.

“I’m Natasha, but in front of everyone over there I’m still Ms. Horny,” You said pointing at your table to all the other bosses. “So you like twenty-somethings?”

“Not at all, actually quite the opposite, but I don’t mind laughing at their expense. Of all people you should know exactly what I’m talking about, you don’t put up with crap from anyone."

"Bartender,” he called out, much more assertive than Ms. Horny was used to coming from him, enough to increase her pulse if only a bit. Typically he was the yes ma’am, no sir type. Strong but submissive, apathetic, indifferent about everything…at least until she broke him down a few weeks ago.

She noticed a slight change in his demeanor but it was minimal. Maybe a curious eyebrow raised when she flashed him one of her evil, knowing grins. The kind of grin that said, ‘I’m going to fuck you, but you have to wait for it.’ This was more of a change. But then, she never knew he went out, much less has she seen him.

"Bartender, I’ve been here for a while now and while I know it's good business for you to stand there and talk with the patrons, how about you start multitasking or go get me your boss. I would like to have a margarita for the lady and I’ll take a Corona, leave the cap on!” The bartender scowled but did as he was asked.

You felt yourself get warm inside. You were confused at first. You have a boss who is more powerful than you, he never turned you on, in fact there are men with power below you and they do nothing for you. What is it about this guy? Whatever it is, this is twice in one week he has turned you on to the point where you questioned your nature. As he handed you your drink you told him to follow you back to your table, and he followed obediently, “Yes, Ms. Horny.”

“Good boy, he remembered,” you thought.

Swishing your hips as you walked in front of him, trying to gain your power back you slide your ass slowly into the booth. The same way you always get into and out of your car seat, opening those beautiful legs just a peak. He took a seat across from you, peaking your interest again as you planned on having him beg before the night was through.

“Look what I found.” you said.

“Well, Mr. Interesting, how are you this evening,” one of the bosses said.

“I’m well, sir. Please call me John,” he said reaching across the table to shake everyone's hands.

“And you?”

They introduced themselves by their first names. You were impressed. You knew he could hold his own professionally but few could keep themselves composed and be treated as an equal by all the staunch executives.

The usual fun loving conversation took place. Everyone laughed at each other’s jokes and the more you realized that ‘John’ was comfortable, the more and more impressed you grew…not to mention wetter. You decided your last chance was on the dance floor again. Just about everyone got up. No one danced with anyone in particular, you all traded off switching partners, dancing alone, in a group it didn’t matter you were all having fun, but you made sure that every chance you got to glance over in his direction and if he happened to glance back you would always do something extra sexy, it didn’t matter what. You needed to gain back control over the situation .

You never felt this helpless before and it was starting to scare you, terrified…but in a way that captivated you. Hell, you wanted him to fuck you right there, and not for the fact that you could demand it. Simply because he had gotten you to this point. And he was such a good fuck! Burying his face in your dress the first night on his desk. Rimming you to orgasm while your bosses nephew was deep inside you. God you couldn’t get him out of your mind.

“What is wrong with me,” you thought. Every time you’d grind your sexy ass, you were hoping he’d be staring at you only to realize he was having just as much fun with everyone there. Every other guy in the bar was still staring at you, but it didn’t matter, you didn’t want them. You were interested in Mr. Interesting.

As it grew later everyone started to leave, in cabs and with their DD’s. Mr. Interesting stayed behind. You decided you could still get him your way.

“So I think I want you to take me to my car, John.”

“I don’t think you are in any condition to drive sweetheart.”

Sweetheart? That was new. No one had dared to call you sweetheart since high school. Women in suites aren't called sweetheart.

“How are you with a stick?”

“I can hold my own,” he responded with the same evil smile you had given him for weeks now, “although I’d prefer something else….”

“Well then, let’s go see how aunry you can be.” And you were both on your way out the door.

You took him to your car, and you started walking to the driver side door when he stopped you, “I was serious about not letting drive sweetheart.” You laughed him off and continued. Until he said he was going to go home alone.

After the whole night you weren’t about to let him leave on these terms. He was breaking you down, but you refused to give in just yet. You handed him the keys and told him that you were going to his place. It was weird sitting in your passenger seat, but that beautiful car screamed through your thighs. You leaned over and whispered in Mr. Interesting’s ear, “I want you to fuck me tonight. All night," being your usual bold self.

When he pulled into his garage, she got out and met him at the front of the car. Taking his hand she put it in on her breast and pressed her body against his.

“Give me what I want” you told him seductively.

Another man may have crumbled under that pressure and she was proud of this, but tonight was different. Mr. Interesting ran his hands across her face gently, his eyes softened. She didn’t realize right then what was happening. She was expecting him to pull her head back a bit with his hands in her hair, but he just held her. Then he leaned in and started kissing her. At first she pulled back, but his hand kept her in place until she relaxed. Then the impossible, she kissed him back. Ms. Horny never kisses, it's against all her rules. He had remembered from the first night on his desk. “Just sex,” she had said.

Not tonight, tonight she was going to have exactly what she asked for….give me what I want she had asked. She hasn’t been appreciated on this level in years, and appreciated was exactly what she was going to get.

The kiss was long, lingering. His tongue slid gently over her lips as he sucked them into his mouth top, then bottom. It made her melt the way he held her. He was soft and caressing. A feeling of comfort flooded her, she suddenly felt as if she had arrived home, even though she was at his place. He withdrew from kissing her slowly, so slow she is reluctant to let go.

Ms. Horny melted, he could see it in her eyes. Her usual lustful, calculating demeanor was gone, softened into something more beautiful. Her gorgeous cobalt eyes burned through him searching for his intentions. She knew he didn’t want to fuck her this evening, but was he prepared for tomorrow morning? She had given herself to him, the one act that she never allowed, she gave into him and she loved it. She wasn’t aware what it was like to have these feelings with anyone. Ms. Horny was very confused. Was she prepared for tomorrow morning?

He kissed her again just as slowly and as he did so she felt her feet lifting off the ground. She was being picked up, literally. Mr. Interesting was holding her tightly against him, one hand on her thigh and the other across her shoulder. She was folded neatly in his arms. She felt her arms move instinctively around the back of his neck. He never missed a beat, kissing her luscious lips and carrying her inside his home, to his bedroom sitting down with her still in his arms. She held to him tightly, not allowing his face to leave hers, his kisses still warm and soft in the quiet house. But she wanted, no, needed, more.

She undid the top buttons of his shirt slowly while he kept his arms around her body. He laid her on the bed and slowly started to kiss her neck as he ran his hands along her arms until his fingers were intertwined with hers. He was holding her hands down, but it felt sensual, not controlling. His fingers were massaging the sensitive spots between her fingers lightly, as if he wasn't touching her at all. Just enough to send bolts of passion to her spine.

Kicking off his shoes he climbed on top of her, not pressing his weight down but hovering above her, close enough to her that his body radiated heat onto her. She was dying at this point, she didn’t care how or why, she just desperately wanted him. He kissed her lips one more time, then continued kissing her chin, her jawbone, her neck, collarbone, then tracing the outline of her collarbone with his tongue down to her breast. Pulling on her shirt just a bit to expose her breast, he took a nipple into his mouth and massaged the other with his hand. As he alternated breasts, soft moans could be heard coming out of her mouth. If he didn’t know better, he’d have thought she was purring.

With one smooth motion her arms were extended over her head and her shirt floated to the floor. He moved his outstretched arm down gently to catch her hand in his and softly placed it on the pillow. Fingertips grazing her arm, down towards her body, he slowly moved his lips down to her belly. Quickly and playfully he licked her belly button just to hear a giggle before he sat up and placed himself between her long, beautiful legs.

He took her ankles and placed them over his shoulders. Turning his head he started to kiss the edges of her feet while undoing your FMP’s with his hands. Her shoes hit the floor next and his hands began to massage her adorable feet. Still purring she started pulling at him to come closer to her. She wanted to feel him on top of her, inside her, everywhere. He ran his tongue slowly up the inside of her leg, starting at her ankle, passing her calf to the inside of her knee. Continuing up to her thigh, then slipping his head underneath her skirt he continued upwards until she felt his warm, thick tongue lap slowly at the material of your tiny white thong.

She exhaled suddenly, relieved, but then he stopped, He sat back up and slowly took off her skirt, running his hands down her body. Once her skirt was tossed away he crawled up her body, grabbing her panties with his teeth and just as slowly sliding them off. Coming back up to her, he placed her ankles over his shoulders again, and slowly lapped at her soaking wet slit. The teasing and anticipation had her coming in seconds. She can tell he's loving every moment of what he's doing to her as he alternates whipping his tongue in and out of her, lashing at her clit. Ummm, she can hear him moan. Her juices tasting wonderful on his palette. Every time she cums he feels her dig her heels into his back.

He holds her legs open with his arms wrapped around her thighs, opening her wider and wider so that he can get his tongue inside her, deeper and deeper. Before she can control it, she is screaming and arching her back with him pinning her down while he makes her ride out her climax, squirting into his mouth. He takes big gulps of her trying to catch it all, but it is so intense he barely keep up. His hand moves to her belly to keep her pinned down as her hips are bucking against his face. Her taste is sweet and acidic at the same time, her screams are wonderful to him. No longer is her body purring for this man, she is in the middle of the hardest orgasm she's ever had and the proof is right there on Mr. Interesting’s chin, dripping down his throat to his bare chest. His chest, she realizes, she hasn't seen yet.

She pulls him up to her and slowly undoes the rest of his shirt buttons leading downwards. He hovers above her supporting himself with his hand just outside her shoulders. Her hands do not stop with his shirt, she unbuttons the last one and slides her hands to the front of his pants where she can feel his hardness. She pulls him closer to kiss him again. As she expertly undoes his belt and pants with just one hand his thick cock springs out. She grasps his dick in one hand and begins stroking it up and down, slowly savoring his hard on. He kicks his pants around his ankles and then to the floor. Sitting above her she finally gets to see him in all his glory and he in yours. She is beautiful, sexy as she knew but also beautiful. She could see it in the way he was looking into her yes, burning into his. He didn't want her for the sake of just wanting her, he didn't simply crave her body, he was looking at her.

She pulled him to her, guiding him to her opening, dripping wet from the lube he couldn't swallow. Pressing his head against her she whispered in his ear, “Make love to me, John, please."

He kissed her in affirmation and gently eased himself inside her as deep as he could. Her legs found themselves locked around his back at his hips. His pelvis tight against hers never moved away from her body. He rolled his hips in rhythm with hers, rubbing his head along her cervix being sure not to pull out. Every time she rolled her hips with his the intensity grew until waves of ecstasy racked through her body, screaming as she came all over his cock, bucking her hips hips against his body, meeting every thrust with his until she were cumming so hard she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Leaning forward he sucked her bottom lip. Opening her eyes she locked into his gaze. All she could do was wonder what he was thinking, and she knew he was thinking the same for her. But she wouldn't dare tell him she was falling for him. Her body released from its lock and her breathing came back in heavy waves and moans, purring again. He could feel her pussy squeeze and release, squeeze and release over and over knowing he could feel her spraying down his dick with her juices while it was deep inside her. Drawing out his climax she looked into his eyes and said, "Baby."

He fell right there and admitted doing so. She continued, “Will you please finish inside me? I want to feel my man leave his hot thick cum inside me while he makes love to me.”

It was enough to drive any man insane and within seconds she felt him shooting his load deep inside her, coating her cervix, squirting the inside of her walls, dripping his creamy cum from her pussy.

“Stay with me tonight sweetheart,” he said softly.

She didn’t let that he called her sweetheart again slip her mind. She kissed him in a way that could not be mistaken for anything but ‘I love you.’ They both rolled over so that she was on top of him, and she fell asleep in his arms leaving his cock to melt inside her. His arms wrapped protectively around her all night long, never letting go. Her ear on his chest, his heartbeat helped her sleep a sound, peaceful sleep. She didn't wake up until morning.

In the morning she awoke to him watching her sleeping peacefully in his arms, him thinking her to be more beautiful than she was the night before. He kissed her, and held her. Neither of them daring to move except the occasional grind of the hips. They had both fallen, words were inconsequential. They both knew it and neither had intentions of ever letting the other go.

(Written by Him, Rewritten by Her with His Permission.)

Mr. Interesting Gets a Trainee…

Damn, 11:57 p.m. on December 31st and this was not where Mr. Interesting had intended to be. The moxy poxy neutralizing gun was completed last week and he had hoped to spend his New Year’s Eve celebrating at the local strip club where he could spend his dollar bills, pay an inordinate amount for a watered down drink and watch used women swinging around poles for a few measly bucks. I mean, who would want to give that up for work? Certainly not Mr. Interesting.

Too bad for him one of the corporate executive’s nephews was here on winter break from college for a few weeks and needed a job. So, at three minutes until midnight on New Year’s eve he was sitting in the laboratory giving mundane instructions to a still wet behind the ears rich man’s nephew and feeling sorry for himself. That was until she arrived.

Ms. Horny. He could hear her fuck me now pumps slapping across the linoleum tiled floors outside his laboratory. He didn’t know whether to hate this woman or take her ample ass home with him. Ever since that one evening in his office she had a sneaky smile to send his way that would quickly turn into pursed lips and a wicked scowl if anyone else happened to be in the vicinity. Suddenly both of the swinging doors flew opened and there she was.

Starting at the bottom and working his way up, he took in the 5” stiletto heel on her jet black patent leather shoes that were so shiny given the right conditions you could see the reflection of her white panties, then it was her long, thin legs that made their way up to a pencil straight, black skirt that started about six inches from the top of her knees. Every curve could be seen through the stretchy knit material and if he hadn’t seen the white reflection in her shoes, he would have thought her panties had been forgotten in her hurry to dress this morning. She topped off her black skirt with a blouse of multiple blues that should have had another button or two taken care of, but then again if she had he would have missed seeing the pink of her nipple that was so discretely peeking out from her lace bra.

Speaking to him in a manner she may have used with children, he was startled from his examination of her when he heard, “Mr. Interesting! Can I have your attention at my eyes this morning, sir?”

“Urmph, um, yes, Ms. Horny. No problem, ma’am. You have my attention.” He barely stammered out, conscious of his growing problem that would be extremely apparent, um, now.

“Well, I see I do have your attention, Mr. Interesting” she drawled out in her deep, sultry voice. “I just stopped in to see how our young Mr. Cox is doing. His uncle asked me to make sure he was being useful to us during his school break and that his uncle was getting his money’s worth.”
“He’s doing fine, Ms. Horny. Fine indeed.” Mr. Interesting was responding when he noticed that Ms. Horny had turned around and was locking the lab doors.

“Well, I think I should be the judge of that, Mr. Interesting. Where is he?”

“He’s just around the corner cleaning out some of the magnetic pulley arms and preparing them for tomorrow’s testing.”

“Fine, fine…how are you at watching, Mr. Interesting?” Ms. Horny asked peering down her nose over her reading glasses.

“I suppose I could watch, but I would….errrrr…much rather participate.” What did she have in mind this time? The last time really blew his mind and his wad…he was hard enough to push his dick through his pants at the mere thought of their first encounter.

“Well, I’ve always had a thing for young men and this one has definitely caught my attention, and since you already know I enjoy your attention I thought perhaps I could try you both this morning.”

Mr. Interesting had to think about this one. He’d only seen this type of thing on late night porn movies on cable, but never had he been witness to it – less actually participated. He had to admit though; the thought of spending a little more time with Ms. Horny was appealing to him, and other parts of him. And apparently Ms. Horny had already posed the pussy to Mr. Cox as he came out from his thoughts and heard their conversation…

“Mr. Cox, I can assure you that your uncle won’t find out and Mr. Interesting won’t mind. I; however, will mind if you don’t do exactly as I say – and that means that I tell your uncle about the unsatisfactory work you’re doing here. So, how about you take care of me and I’ll take care of you?” Ms. Horny could be so persuasive.

With that Ms. Horny unbuttoned a few more buttons of her blouse, her red hot fingernails scraping against the buttons until she stood before Mr. Cox in only her skin tight skirt. Mr. Cox was a young man, about 19 years old, slender, about 5’ 11” with dark features. Ms. Horny reached over to Mr. Cox and grabbed the top of his khaki pants and with one hand unbuttoned the top button and was reaching for the zipper. As she did so Mr. Cox could feel his cock grow as she neared his boxers. Ms. Horny reached into his pants and began stroking him softly with her nails.

“Don’t be frightened, Mr. Cox, I won’t bite, at least not hard” she said. With that Ms. Horny pulled the throbbing cock out of his pants and began stroking him harder, wetting her hands with her mouth and stroking until he thought he was going to explode. Ms. Horny stopped telling him, “not yet, dear. Just a little bit longer. I need to take care of Mr. Interesting too – I want both of you to satisfy me this morning.”

Mr. Interesting had been watching, with interest, unconsciously stroking himself in rhythm with Ms. Horny’s movements and he was hard and ready for anything she asked him. She looked over to him and said, “Are you ready cowboy? I want to take care of you while I get this young man to fuck me.” With that Mr. Interesting removed his shoes, moved in front of Ms. Horny, dropped his trousers to his ankles then slid them off with his feet. Standing before her in his shirt and socks she took his hard dick into her mouth and began sucking him while she motioned for Mr. Cox to enter her from behind.

Pulling her attention away from Mr. Interesting, she guided Mr. Cox cock into her moist, warm pussy. “Ah, Mr. Cox, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?” Mr. Cox grunted in what we could assume was a yes. You could see his concentration was on not exploding inside Ms. Horny, but he was having a very difficult time and had to stop moving in and out of her to maintain his load. He was afraid of Ms. Horny and that may have been the only thing keeping him in check.

Ms. Horny returned her attention to the patient Mr. Interesting, sliding her tongue around the rim of his head and then licking from base to head on his shaft with her wide tongue. Finally, she took his entire dick in her mouth, swallowing him down into her throat and sucking him in and out while Mr. Cox stroked his cock in and out of her warm hole. Mr. Interesting found himself leaning down on Ms. Horny’s back placing his hands on her spine, then following from her spine to her ass. Rubbing between her ample cheeks he apparently hit a very sensitive spot because Ms. Horny began moaning uncontrollably, nearly spitting his cock from her mouth.

Well, this was different – he was used to Ms. Horny being completely in control, and perhaps now he was in control. He ran his fingers around her rim and again, she let out a sound just short of a scream. He stood erect, and pulled away from Ms. Horny.

Directing Mr. Cox to lie on his back on the lab table and then suggesting to Ms. Horny that she get on top of Mr. Cox, Ms. Horny appeared a bit puzzled at Mr. Interesting’s new demeanor.

“Trust me, Ms. Horny. We want your report to be as glowing as it possibly can be and I think I have just the demonstration to guarantee these results.”

Before Mr. Cox returned his throbbing cock to Ms. Horny’s wet pussy, Mr. Interesting fingered her deeply, moving the moisture from inside her pink walls to the rosebud of her ass. Fingering her ass he could tell she was about to explode, and Mr. Cox was having a very hard time keeping pace as well. Mr. Interesting straddled behind Ms. Horny and slide his wide, hard cock into her ass. As she moved she alternately pushed away from Mr. Cox was pushing Mr. Interesting deeper into her, then pushing Mr. Cox deeper as she was pulling away from Mr. Interesting.

Ms. Horny was moaning with an intensity that made Mr. Interesting very pleased that the rest of the building staff had left for the holidays. Just as Mr. Cox was moaning that he could take no more, Ms. Horny dug her fingernails into his skin and cried out, “I’m cumming oh, I’m cumming,

Mr. Interesting, please don’t stop, don’t stop…” With that Mr. Cox let out, “oh, my God, oh, my God...” and Mr. Interesting nearly dropped to his knees as he grabbed her bottom , cumming in Ms. Horny’s tight ass.

Taking a few moments to compose herself before saying, “Mr. Cox, you need to get cleaned up and let me speak to Mr. Interesting for a few moments alone,” climbing off of him. Mr. Cox, obedient young man that he is, found the strength to pull his pants back up, unlock the lab doors and head down the hallway.

“Mr. Interesting, I know we weren’t in New York, but I could have sworn I felt a ball drop…” as she pulled her skirt down, buttoned her blouse and headed for the door. Turning before the door closed she lightly breathed out, “And I will be back for you again.”

Mr. Interesting smiled, put his pants and shoes back on then whispered. “I bet you will, Ms. Horny. I bet you will.”

Mr. Interesting

It was 4:30 p.m. and Mr. Interesting was at his desk working out a few last minute details on the plans for the moxy poxy neutralizing gun when who should enter his laboratory chamber doors but Ms. Lilly Horny, the middle-aged floozy from management. In stark contrast to Mr. Interesting’s faded blue jeans, blue collared shirt and white lab coat Ms. Horny boasted about in 5” platform heels attached to clear fluorescent pink tops, a blousy ruffle (I mean ruffly blouse) cut all the way down past what any woman would consider decent in a fuscia pink to match her shoes and a tight, straight as a pencil skirt that barely covered her round and ample ass.

Generally when Ms. Horny was around it was to formalize new procedures or give Mr. Interesting a head’s up about upcoming project bids or, if she was feeling ultra-generous, she’d even clue him in on any management changes. Today; however, she didn’t look like she wanted to talk business at all – today, she looked like she was the one looking for information.

“Mr. Interesting, how are you this fine and sunshiny day?” she asked.

“Well, Ms. Horny, the plans for the moxy poxy neutralizing gun are nearly completed if you’d like to take that up the food chain” he responded.

“Hmmm….I’m sure they would be interested in that, Mr. Interesting, but I was more inclined to ask about you.”


“Why yes, you. I’ve noticed that you’ve been spending a lot of time here at the office and was wondering what your wife thought about it.”

“My wife, I don’t have a wife Ms. Horny.”

“Oh, is that so now, Mr. Interesting. Well, in that case things can get a whole lotta interesting in here.”

Ms. Horny turned on the radio and began swaying her hips as she made her way behind Mr. Interesting’s desk. Wiggling in between the sitting Mr. Interesting and his work, she placed her ample ass on his plans, with one leg placed on each side of his chair so that he could see right up her skirt!

“Oh, my, Ms. Horny – do you really think you should be sitting here, like that?” exclaimed Mr. Interesting.

“Well…um….(sucking her fingers one by one slowly looking for the answer)…why, yes, Mr. Interesting” she answered between licks.

Taking a quick peak between her legs, he noticed she was wearing a tiny, soft white thong with the smallest piece of material holding them together he’d ever seen. And if that wasn’t enough, she slowly leaned forward bending in such a manner that he could very plainly see the barely there bra beneath her low cut blouse.

Now, an ordinary man would not hesitate when such an invitation at debauchery was quite clearly staring him in the face, Mr. Interesting, interestingly enough, was not. Not interested, that is. As a matter of fact, Mr. Interesting was, in fact, apathetic…clearly showing no interest, no concern, no care in just about everything in his life, whether mundane or exciting. This was what clearly enticed Ms. Horny – what a catch he could be, this man who showed no interest named Interesting.

Ms. Horny had been coy with her clues for months now. As a matter of fact, she had her way with just about the entire male staff at the organization…and a few of the women too. But, for some reason the only one she really wanted to give her the time of day was Mr. Interesting…like a diabetic who can’t have that piece of chocolate, that’s how she wanted Mr. Interesting.

Mr. Interesting was about 6’ 1” 200 lbs and you could see his military days in his short, close to the scalp cropped hair. His clothes always smelled of fabric softener and Old Spice, a combination that reminded her of when she was much younger. He remained extremely focused on whatever work task was at hand and Ms. Horny just didn’t seem to be able to subtly turn his attention to her, so it looked like unsubtle would be where that leaves us now.

“Mr. Interesting, how about you put a hand on my tit and we talk about the first thing that pops up?” she said with a wicked smile.

“Um, I don’t think that would be appropriate, Ms. Horny” he quietly replied.

“What do I need to do, order you to touch me?” she asked.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“Okay, let’s see – I’ve fucked every man in this building. I didn’t have any trouble doing it, so how about you take care of me now!”

With that Mr. Interesting became, how should we say…interested. For months he’d seen Ms. Horny wiggle around the office in her power suits that left little to the imagination, high heels with black fishnet stockings, see through blouses peaking from beneath her jackets…but today she’d left her jacket behind. Her tits were jiggling with every bounce in her step. He’d been spending the last several weeks hiding his hard ons from her and the other staff at their weekly meetings…no way did he know she was interested in him. He’d seen her with dozens of other guys at the office…but today must be his lucky day.

Taking her legs he slid them over his shoulders and buried his face in her pussy. Sweet, wet and warm he licked slowly up and down, he nipped at her clit with his teeth – her breathing was deeper and when he knew she was about to cum she pushed him away.

“No, not yet – I’ve waited for you for so long, I don’t want to cum so quickly.”

She pulled her legs off his shoulders and rolled his chair back; sliding off his desk she pulled at Mr. Interesting’s zipper and exposed his hard cock. Staring into Mr. Interesting’s eyes she squatted down in front of him and began licking his shaft, base to head, head to base over and over until he thought he’d have to jamb his cock in her mouth to get her to take it all – just when he thought that was his only option she put her mouth on him and sucked his entire cock down her throat. The head of his cock was rubbing from the roof of her mouth to the back of her throat – she was deep throating him like he’d only felt a few times in his life before. Most women were a bit afraid of trying this on his thick cock – but obviously not Ms. Horny. She was sucking and pulling, licking and stroking with perfect timing between her warm, wet mouth and her slippery hands.

“Oh, Ms. Horny – you’re a professional at this” he said breathlessly.

Ms. Horny never broke a stroke and just continued sucking and pulling on his cock until he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed, his dick still in her throat – once, twice, then licked his head until every inch of his cock was cleaned.

Not wanting Ms. Horny to feel unsatisfied, he pulled her off the floor. Pulling her up he put his hands on her ass and leaned into kiss her, she turned her head.

“Mmmm, no kissing on the lips – just sex” she said.

Whatever she wanted. With that he pulled her in towards him and put his mouth on her neck, then her shoulders, slowly moving down to her glorious tits. Finally pulling her blouse and bra back he took a nipple into his mouth and suckled, lightly biting and sucking on each one until they were both hard and at attention. His cock was recovering and as she began moving her hands down towards his pants he was already halfway toward hard and ready for round two.

She moved her hands expertly up and down his cock until he was hard and ready. Bending over his desk she pulled her skirt over her ass and said, “fuck me, Mr. Interesting, fuck me hard.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Well, he didn’t need to be told twice. He slid his hard cock into her soft, sweet cunt and pumped hard, but as hard as he slammed into her ass, she was pushing back with equal force. The slapping was causing his lights to turn on and off, on and off, damn “The Clapper” he thought as he closed his eyes to the flashing. Ms. Horny’s moans were getting louder and quicker, “I’m cumming” she screamed “I’m cumming!” Mr. Interesting put his index finger on her clit and rubbed it in rhythm to their pumps, he could feel the warm squirts as Ms. Horny came on his cock, wet and slick it was all he needed to release his second load into her.

As he pulled out she put her skirt back down, straightened her blouse and put on her thong.

With not a hair out of place she turned and walked toward the door, turning she said, “Mr. Interesting, you do fine work. Management just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are” as she closed the door behind her.

Mr. Interesting zipped his pants back up, sat down and grabbed a pencil. With no sign of emotion on his face, he finished the project, clapped and locked up for the night.