Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mr. Interesting Gets a Trainee…

Damn, 11:57 p.m. on December 31st and this was not where Mr. Interesting had intended to be. The moxy poxy neutralizing gun was completed last week and he had hoped to spend his New Year’s Eve celebrating at the local strip club where he could spend his dollar bills, pay an inordinate amount for a watered down drink and watch used women swinging around poles for a few measly bucks. I mean, who would want to give that up for work? Certainly not Mr. Interesting.

Too bad for him one of the corporate executive’s nephews was here on winter break from college for a few weeks and needed a job. So, at three minutes until midnight on New Year’s eve he was sitting in the laboratory giving mundane instructions to a still wet behind the ears rich man’s nephew and feeling sorry for himself. That was until she arrived.

Ms. Horny. He could hear her fuck me now pumps slapping across the linoleum tiled floors outside his laboratory. He didn’t know whether to hate this woman or take her ample ass home with him. Ever since that one evening in his office she had a sneaky smile to send his way that would quickly turn into pursed lips and a wicked scowl if anyone else happened to be in the vicinity. Suddenly both of the swinging doors flew opened and there she was.

Starting at the bottom and working his way up, he took in the 5” stiletto heel on her jet black patent leather shoes that were so shiny given the right conditions you could see the reflection of her white panties, then it was her long, thin legs that made their way up to a pencil straight, black skirt that started about six inches from the top of her knees. Every curve could be seen through the stretchy knit material and if he hadn’t seen the white reflection in her shoes, he would have thought her panties had been forgotten in her hurry to dress this morning. She topped off her black skirt with a blouse of multiple blues that should have had another button or two taken care of, but then again if she had he would have missed seeing the pink of her nipple that was so discretely peeking out from her lace bra.

Speaking to him in a manner she may have used with children, he was startled from his examination of her when he heard, “Mr. Interesting! Can I have your attention at my eyes this morning, sir?”

“Urmph, um, yes, Ms. Horny. No problem, ma’am. You have my attention.” He barely stammered out, conscious of his growing problem that would be extremely apparent, um, now.

“Well, I see I do have your attention, Mr. Interesting” she drawled out in her deep, sultry voice. “I just stopped in to see how our young Mr. Cox is doing. His uncle asked me to make sure he was being useful to us during his school break and that his uncle was getting his money’s worth.”
“He’s doing fine, Ms. Horny. Fine indeed.” Mr. Interesting was responding when he noticed that Ms. Horny had turned around and was locking the lab doors.

“Well, I think I should be the judge of that, Mr. Interesting. Where is he?”

“He’s just around the corner cleaning out some of the magnetic pulley arms and preparing them for tomorrow’s testing.”

“Fine, fine…how are you at watching, Mr. Interesting?” Ms. Horny asked peering down her nose over her reading glasses.

“I suppose I could watch, but I would….errrrr…much rather participate.” What did she have in mind this time? The last time really blew his mind and his wad…he was hard enough to push his dick through his pants at the mere thought of their first encounter.

“Well, I’ve always had a thing for young men and this one has definitely caught my attention, and since you already know I enjoy your attention I thought perhaps I could try you both this morning.”

Mr. Interesting had to think about this one. He’d only seen this type of thing on late night porn movies on cable, but never had he been witness to it – less actually participated. He had to admit though; the thought of spending a little more time with Ms. Horny was appealing to him, and other parts of him. And apparently Ms. Horny had already posed the pussy to Mr. Cox as he came out from his thoughts and heard their conversation…

“Mr. Cox, I can assure you that your uncle won’t find out and Mr. Interesting won’t mind. I; however, will mind if you don’t do exactly as I say – and that means that I tell your uncle about the unsatisfactory work you’re doing here. So, how about you take care of me and I’ll take care of you?” Ms. Horny could be so persuasive.

With that Ms. Horny unbuttoned a few more buttons of her blouse, her red hot fingernails scraping against the buttons until she stood before Mr. Cox in only her skin tight skirt. Mr. Cox was a young man, about 19 years old, slender, about 5’ 11” with dark features. Ms. Horny reached over to Mr. Cox and grabbed the top of his khaki pants and with one hand unbuttoned the top button and was reaching for the zipper. As she did so Mr. Cox could feel his cock grow as she neared his boxers. Ms. Horny reached into his pants and began stroking him softly with her nails.

“Don’t be frightened, Mr. Cox, I won’t bite, at least not hard” she said. With that Ms. Horny pulled the throbbing cock out of his pants and began stroking him harder, wetting her hands with her mouth and stroking until he thought he was going to explode. Ms. Horny stopped telling him, “not yet, dear. Just a little bit longer. I need to take care of Mr. Interesting too – I want both of you to satisfy me this morning.”

Mr. Interesting had been watching, with interest, unconsciously stroking himself in rhythm with Ms. Horny’s movements and he was hard and ready for anything she asked him. She looked over to him and said, “Are you ready cowboy? I want to take care of you while I get this young man to fuck me.” With that Mr. Interesting removed his shoes, moved in front of Ms. Horny, dropped his trousers to his ankles then slid them off with his feet. Standing before her in his shirt and socks she took his hard dick into her mouth and began sucking him while she motioned for Mr. Cox to enter her from behind.

Pulling her attention away from Mr. Interesting, she guided Mr. Cox cock into her moist, warm pussy. “Ah, Mr. Cox, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?” Mr. Cox grunted in what we could assume was a yes. You could see his concentration was on not exploding inside Ms. Horny, but he was having a very difficult time and had to stop moving in and out of her to maintain his load. He was afraid of Ms. Horny and that may have been the only thing keeping him in check.

Ms. Horny returned her attention to the patient Mr. Interesting, sliding her tongue around the rim of his head and then licking from base to head on his shaft with her wide tongue. Finally, she took his entire dick in her mouth, swallowing him down into her throat and sucking him in and out while Mr. Cox stroked his cock in and out of her warm hole. Mr. Interesting found himself leaning down on Ms. Horny’s back placing his hands on her spine, then following from her spine to her ass. Rubbing between her ample cheeks he apparently hit a very sensitive spot because Ms. Horny began moaning uncontrollably, nearly spitting his cock from her mouth.

Well, this was different – he was used to Ms. Horny being completely in control, and perhaps now he was in control. He ran his fingers around her rim and again, she let out a sound just short of a scream. He stood erect, and pulled away from Ms. Horny.

Directing Mr. Cox to lie on his back on the lab table and then suggesting to Ms. Horny that she get on top of Mr. Cox, Ms. Horny appeared a bit puzzled at Mr. Interesting’s new demeanor.

“Trust me, Ms. Horny. We want your report to be as glowing as it possibly can be and I think I have just the demonstration to guarantee these results.”

Before Mr. Cox returned his throbbing cock to Ms. Horny’s wet pussy, Mr. Interesting fingered her deeply, moving the moisture from inside her pink walls to the rosebud of her ass. Fingering her ass he could tell she was about to explode, and Mr. Cox was having a very hard time keeping pace as well. Mr. Interesting straddled behind Ms. Horny and slide his wide, hard cock into her ass. As she moved she alternately pushed away from Mr. Cox was pushing Mr. Interesting deeper into her, then pushing Mr. Cox deeper as she was pulling away from Mr. Interesting.

Ms. Horny was moaning with an intensity that made Mr. Interesting very pleased that the rest of the building staff had left for the holidays. Just as Mr. Cox was moaning that he could take no more, Ms. Horny dug her fingernails into his skin and cried out, “I’m cumming oh, I’m cumming,

Mr. Interesting, please don’t stop, don’t stop…” With that Mr. Cox let out, “oh, my God, oh, my God...” and Mr. Interesting nearly dropped to his knees as he grabbed her bottom , cumming in Ms. Horny’s tight ass.

Taking a few moments to compose herself before saying, “Mr. Cox, you need to get cleaned up and let me speak to Mr. Interesting for a few moments alone,” climbing off of him. Mr. Cox, obedient young man that he is, found the strength to pull his pants back up, unlock the lab doors and head down the hallway.

“Mr. Interesting, I know we weren’t in New York, but I could have sworn I felt a ball drop…” as she pulled her skirt down, buttoned her blouse and headed for the door. Turning before the door closed she lightly breathed out, “And I will be back for you again.”

Mr. Interesting smiled, put his pants and shoes back on then whispered. “I bet you will, Ms. Horny. I bet you will.”

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